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1. Help GymCity Find a New Home

GymCity urgently needs to find a new home and we desperately need community support to help this happen. Due to the urgent need for affordable housing in Auckland the land our building is on is earmarked for housing. In 2011 we were told that we would have to move. Between then and now we have been unable to find a suitable venue, despite looking into every possible alternative that could accommodate us. The land our building sits on is now going up for sale, and we are running out of time.

For the past 6 years we have being working with the Papatoetoe/Otara Local board who is very supportive and is trying hard to get the local council and Panuku Developments to help find us either a piece of land to build on or a building that we can move too. So far no luck. Unfortunately we have no lease at present and the redevelopment of Old Papatoetoe is moving forward fast. With more new housing in the area, this will bring in more children.

We cannot afford to pay a commercial lease because then our fees would be too expensive for our families in the area. At present we cannot apply for any funding from local or national funders to help with a building as we do not have land or a site that we can say will be ours.

We had over 20,000 participants last year and work with the local schools and preschools. We are open 6 days a week, 50 weeks of the year and are a non-profit organization. We run gymnastic & active movement classes for babies to teens, adapted gymnastics for preschoolers and school aged children with disabilities, a competitive programme, plus we run an affordable Oscar & WINZ approved holiday programme every holidays and Fit 4Life class for adults. GymCity is mobile as well and goes into the local schools, to run gymnastic programmes for them with the support of CMSport and Kiwisport funding.

We have grown so much in the last 6 years that we are running at capacity and need to be relocated to a larger building. It is frustrating that a great service like ours may end. Please help us to get our message out that we need the community's support to ensure our service for the children & families continues for many years to come.

2. Support the Relocation of Phoenix Gymnastics Club

Phoenix Gymnastics Club, a registered charity, has over thirty five years of service to communities in the Maidenhead and Windsor area and currently has a footfall of 1,000 children per week, making it the second largest provider of sporting activity after the Borough’s leisure centres.

The decision was taken by the Borough Council to grant planning permission for 44 houses to be built on the Water Oakley site and to ensure Phoenix Gymnastics Club was rehomed. The Fifield Road site is less than a mile from the current site and is the only suitable site that the Club has found to build a new gym. This is the Club's last hope.

Ensuring the future of the Club and allowing it to expand its provision to the wider community is in line with the Conservative Party’s Sport participation policy. “Playing sport helps to keep people healthy and is good for communities. Playing sport at school or in a local club is also the first step to competition at the highest level, which helps improve our reputation as a sporting nation, and contributes to economic growth.

But when people leave school they often stop playing sports, which means people can’t fulfil their sporting potential, and can lead to a less healthy lifestyle. We want to get more people playing sport safely from a young age, and help them keep playing sport throughout their life, no matter what their economic or social background.”

Phoenix Gymnastics Club does exactly that; its mission is to ensure every child in the Borough can access all and every level of British Gymnastics Disciplines creating a sporting habit for life.

3. Purpose Built Gymnastics Facility in Coventry City

To Coventry City Council

We (Coventry) are the 11th Biggest City in the UK with a Population of more than 300,000 But are unknown in the World of Gymnastics.

It is time WE as a City provide for our Children (Boys and Girls) the facilities that is fit for a City of our size, and that would make our children proud to be competing in the Name of Coventry.

We as a City should train our Children to compete in Gymnastics Grades and Levels competitions,
And as a City have the facilities to host competition.

Let's make our children proud of the facilities on offer in our City, and let us become united in serving and providing outstanding leadership, in helping our City Children representation in the Sport of Gymnastics.

4. Support Castle Laser Tag & Silver Spring Bowie Gymnastics!

The Castle Laser Tag center is a multi-generational facility that not only hosts birthday parties and recreational play for children but also supports local businesses by hosting corporate events such as team-building and other employee functions.

This family-run business helps to support safe, supervised fun for the community. Its location is convenient for residents of Bowie and others within Prince Georges County. It is located in a commercial park removed from heavy residential traffic.

The Castle Laser Tag center is a family-run business which enjoys the shared reputation of Silver Stars Gymnastics School, its sister company. Silver Stars Gymnastics has provided structured recreational and team gymnastics for 20 years.

5. Support the need for an extension at Colchester School of Gymnastics

We have found out recently that we were unsuccessful in our bid for a grant worth £50,000 to help extend our facilities at Colchester School of Gymnastics due to “A LACK OF NEED” !!!

We plan to resubmit the bid but we really need your help to show that there is a NEED! With over 1,200 children on the waiting list and currently about 850 people coming through the doors each week that’s potentially 2,000 signatures to show that there is indeed a “NEED”!

A larger gym would mean more space to run more classes from PreSchool to Recreational to Competitive Gymnastics as well as groups for Freestyle, Adult gymnastics and those with physical disabilities. In addition we would be creating more jobs for coaches and support training opportunities for would be coaches. If we could show that the local community NEEDS and WANTS this it would help the bid enormously.

All you need to do is sign the petition giving just your name and postcode (to show you are a local resident).

Remember that we are a charitable organisation reliant solely upon fees and donations for sustainability so all money made goes back in to the gym to improve the facilities available to all users.

6. Get Acrobatic gymnastics into the Olympics Games 2016

Acrobatic gymnastics is a thrilling, exciting & dynamic sport. It is glamorous & daring & embodies the true spirit of the Olympic games.

The sport demands strength, flexibility, endurance & a lot of training from its gymnasts. It's the type of sport that you will become addicted to. Trust me;) Follow the u-tube link below to see acrobatic gymnastics in action. Be prepared to be amazed;)

Please support our campaign.

7. Save Bellevue School District Athletics

The sport of swimming has been under pressure recently, from not only dealing with reduced pool time for youth programs, but from colleges and universities giving up on their swimming programs. Recent events spurred by our governmental fiscal crisis are affecting swimming and diving, as well as golf, wrestling, and gymnastics, within the Bellevue School District (BSD).

BSD has recently formed a Financial Advisory Committee (FAC) for the purpose of seeking input on additional budget cuts. More information is available at

We take this threat to cut swimming, golf, wrestling, and gymnastics very seriously. If we don’t act, it is a matter of when, not if these programs will be cut, even assuming a higher participation fee (aka "pay-for-play") is instituted for the 2010-2011 school year. Cutting these programs is not a viable option if BSD wishes to maintain its reputation for excellence.

Numerous studies show a quantifiable link between participation in high school athletics and success in school. We would like to work with BSD to preserve these programs and ensure the opportunities for success they offer to all who participate.

8. Save WASH Gymnastics and All Athletics Teams

From 2009 districts win gymnastics

High School athletics are an important part of our community and no programs should be cut. Focusing on the Maidens' Gymnastics Team here are some highlights of their recent achievements:

2003 State Champions Bronze Division.
2008 State Champions Silver Division.
2009 3rd Place Gold Division - highest level
2008 and 2009 District Champions.
2008 broke the school record with a 141.3!
2009 Undefeated for the first time in over 20 years!
2009 Mackenzie Brumbaugh - State All-Around Champion (Silver Division)
2009 Tracie Cline - State All-Around Champion, Beam Champion and Vault Champ (Gold Division)

Some important statistics from the Title IX Athletic Statistics website:

-"In the 2007-2008 School year, girls made up 49% of the high school population, but females only accounted for 41% of the participants in athletics.

-"Female athletes have better grades and high graduation rates than non-athlete females."

-"Women who participate in sports are more likely to be engaged in volunteering, be registered to vote and to feel comfortable making a public statement."

-'Female athletes are less likely to use illicit drugs, smoke, be suicidal, they have a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behavior, are less than half as likely to get pregnant, and are more likely to have a positive body image.'

Making them "independents" will end the program, they will have no where to train and no access to equipment because they are not club gymnasts. The fact that we have such high level gymnasts who participate purely in the high school arena speaks volumes about the quality of the program. By taking away high school gymnastics this would impede on these young women's potential to obtain scholarships and take away their opportunity to represent their school in the sport they love.

9. Alicia Sacramone: From Your #1 Fans, Please Go On Gymnastics Tour!

2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars

This petition is for the wonderful gymnast, Alicia Sacramone, to please join the tour. This tour without Alicia, is like a candle with no fire. Doesn't work.

10. Support Newton Abbot Gymnastics Club in their bid to secure new premises

This is a petition to help with the bid of Newton Abbot gymnastics club to secure the premises that were formerly the bowling club in Kingsteignton that the Council are selling off and it might become a cinema, casino, bingo hall or conference centre. There may even be a possibility for someone to get change of use to use it as offices.

The bowling club was built using public money as a sports centre and Newton Abbot Gymnastics club want to make sure that this facility continues.

They have over 450 members and 500 children on the waiting list, with bigger premises these 500 children could also take part in a sport which will benefit their health and mental well being.

11. Becoming Division I NCAA

January 22, 2006

The University of Texas at Austin at one time had an NCAA Division I Gymnastics Program, however due to loss of funding, the program was cut several years ago.

The need for an NCAA Division I team has arisen given the level of national talent within the Junior Olympic Gymnastics Community in Texas that is taken by out of state gymnastics programs such as 3 time NCAA National Champs, OU, and other programs ie: Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Texas Junior Olympic athletes rank among the top in the Nation, and as a university dedicated to both scholastic and athletic achievement, we need to keep these athletes in-state to compete for the great University of Texas and continue our reputation for both academic and atheletic excellence.