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The Castle Laser Tag center is a multi-generational facility that not only hosts birthday parties and recreational play for children but also supports local businesses by hosting corporate events such as team-building and other employee functions.

This family-run business helps to support safe, supervised fun for the community. Its location is convenient for residents of Bowie and others within Prince Georges County. It is located in a commercial park removed from heavy residential traffic.

The Castle Laser Tag center is a family-run business which enjoys the shared reputation of Silver Stars Gymnastics School, its sister company. Silver Stars Gymnastics has provided structured recreational and team gymnastics for 20 years.

Dear Mayor Robinson and Members of the City Council,

We are a group of citizens comprised of parents, students, employees and neighbors of the Castle Laser Tag center in Bowie, Md.

This letter expresses our collective support for the Bowie Planning Board’s September 10th unanimous vote to approve the request for exemption from the Required Number of Parking and Loading Spaces for the Castle Laser Tag center.

Many of us have utilized recreational services and instruction at both the Castle Laser Tag center and its sister company, the Silver Stars Bowie Gymnastics School. These family-owned businesses provide a safe and supervised recreational establishment for our children to visit. Knowing that we can drop our children off for a supervised activity that gives them exercise is appreciated and essential for our families. The location is very convenient and there appears to be plenty of parking whenever we visit or drop-off.

Some of us are employees and need the income and benefits provided by these businesses. The employment opportunities provided by the Castle Laser Tag center and Silver Stars Bowie Gymnastics School help to give workers in Prince Georges County a way to enter the workforce with a company that provides long-term security, training, health insurance and other benefits normally not provided by similar employers.

Many of us are neighbors who have experienced nothing but goodwill and friendly relations with the owners throughout their 6 years at this location. In fact, we are pleased to have a business that can hire local employees and offer them better than minimum wages and benefits. The City of Bowie needs to support new and existing business enterprises that help to promote healthy lifestyle choices for all citizens.

The loss of either business would be a significant loss to the City of Bowie and Prince Georges County because these businesses provide a safe, reliable, and clean environment for multiple generations. The employees at these businesses are courteous and helpful.

The City of Bowie should do the right thing by allowing the Castle Laser Tag center to continue in the manner it has, which includes recognizing that the current number of parking spaces is sufficient.

Thank you,

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