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We have found out recently that we were unsuccessful in our bid for a grant worth £50,000 to help extend our facilities at Colchester School of Gymnastics due to “A LACK OF NEED” !!!

We plan to resubmit the bid but we really need your help to show that there is a NEED! With over 1,200 children on the waiting list and currently about 850 people coming through the doors each week that’s potentially 2,000 signatures to show that there is indeed a “NEED”!

A larger gym would mean more space to run more classes from PreSchool to Recreational to Competitive Gymnastics as well as groups for Freestyle, Adult gymnastics and those with physical disabilities. In addition we would be creating more jobs for coaches and support training opportunities for would be coaches. If we could show that the local community NEEDS and WANTS this it would help the bid enormously.

All you need to do is sign the petition giving just your name and postcode (to show you are a local resident).

Remember that we are a charitable organisation reliant solely upon fees and donations for sustainability so all money made goes back in to the gym to improve the facilities available to all users.

We, the undersigned, agree that there is a definite need for the facilities at Colchester School of Gymnastics to be extended, as shown by a waiting list of over 1200 children, so that more children have the opportunity to participate in gymnastic classes.

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