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From 2009 districts win gymnastics

High School athletics are an important part of our community and no programs should be cut. Focusing on the Maidens' Gymnastics Team here are some highlights of their recent achievements:

2003 State Champions Bronze Division.
2008 State Champions Silver Division.
2009 3rd Place Gold Division - highest level
2008 and 2009 District Champions.
2008 broke the school record with a 141.3!
2009 Undefeated for the first time in over 20 years!
2009 Mackenzie Brumbaugh - State All-Around Champion (Silver Division)
2009 Tracie Cline - State All-Around Champion, Beam Champion and Vault Champ (Gold Division)

Some important statistics from the Title IX Athletic Statistics website:

-"In the 2007-2008 School year, girls made up 49% of the high school population, but females only accounted for 41% of the participants in athletics.

-"Female athletes have better grades and high graduation rates than non-athlete females."

-"Women who participate in sports are more likely to be engaged in volunteering, be registered to vote and to feel comfortable making a public statement."

-'Female athletes are less likely to use illicit drugs, smoke, be suicidal, they have a lower prevalence of sexual risk-taking behavior, are less than half as likely to get pregnant, and are more likely to have a positive body image.'

Making them "independents" will end the program, they will have no where to train and no access to equipment because they are not club gymnasts. The fact that we have such high level gymnasts who participate purely in the high school arena speaks volumes about the quality of the program. By taking away high school gymnastics this would impede on these young women's potential to obtain scholarships and take away their opportunity to represent their school in the sport they love.

We, the undersigned, call upon the Waynesboro Area School Board to not terminate the Waynesboro Maiden's Gymnastics team nor any Athletics programs. We call upon you to be accountable to our students and not cut programs that directly benefit their well-being and advancement opportunities.

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