Alicia Sacramone
United States of America

2008 Tour of Gymnastics Superstars

This petition is for the wonderful gymnast, Alicia Sacramone, to please join the tour. This tour without Alicia, is like a candle with no fire. Doesn't work.

First off, all of us what to congratulate you on coming home not only safe, but as an Olympic Champion. Not many people can say that in this life/world, so from the bottom our hearts, we are absolutely thrilled. Your beauty and elegance when you perform is electricfying.

You capture people's hearts with your down-to-earth personality - to us, you are just like a friend, or the girl next door. Yes, we may only be fans, but your fans Alicia, know not good, but GREAT talent when we see it. The fact that you put your heart and soul into what you do best, especially for the past four years to make your Olympic dreams come true, just goes to show what type of character and determination you have.

You did wonderful, and all of us are so very proud that our United States Gymnastics Team came home with a medal - a medal, Alicia, that YOU helped to win.

As you may know, after every Olympics there is normally a post-Olympic gymnastics tour. We fans were very excited because for once, we get to see you perform in a live arena, in a happy, crazy, excited, no stress aloud, atmosphere - that with the majority of gymnastics competitions, well, you have to be pretty serious. But, after visiting the official website for the gymnastics tour [www.gymnasticssuperstars.com] we were shocked to see that your name was not apart of the cast. We don't know if you plan on stopping in some cities, or if your even coming at all. But, what we do know Alicia, is that we would really love for you to be apart of this tour. This tour without you won't be right.

If you plan on retiring, it would be really great for your fans to see you do what you do best, one last time. That's all we are asking. We understand that you need a break and a nice, long, vacation, but from the bottom of our hearts, from your fans through thick and thin, PLEASE, Alicia, go show the United States and the rest of the world for that fact, your talent, beauty, and badass personality that is, Alicia Sacramone.

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