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United States of America
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January 22, 2006

The University of Texas at Austin at one time had an NCAA Division I Gymnastics Program, however due to loss of funding, the program was cut several years ago.

The need for an NCAA Division I team has arisen given the level of national talent within the Junior Olympic Gymnastics Community in Texas that is taken by out of state gymnastics programs such as 3 time NCAA National Champs, OU, and other programs ie: Penn State, Michigan, Nebraska, and Minnesota.

Texas Junior Olympic athletes rank among the top in the Nation, and as a university dedicated to both scholastic and athletic achievement, we need to keep these athletes in-state to compete for the great University of Texas and continue our reputation for both academic and atheletic excellence.

We, the UT Gymnastics Club, ask that you sign this petition to show your support for the developement of a successfull NCAA Division I Gymnastics Program to cultivate the great athletes that come from within the Texas Gymnastics Community.

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