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The internet is a very powerful tool that can be used to reach many people. Unfortunately, when you reach many people, you reach an audience commonly found to have a herd mentality. This is so for any age group, however, teenagers often have this mentality augmented by a poor self-image of themselves. There are sites out there that are less of a support group, and more of a feeding frenzy of the triggers that make people fall into this idea that they should starve themselves. This only works hand in hand with the media saying that these models with lower-than-healthy BMI's are the epitome of beauty.

My point is this. Though we can't control the media, we can try and make it so that there are restrictions at the front pages of these pro-ana sites. Making it an offense similar tas with a pornography site stating that minors should not enter into the site any further without knowingly risking state level prosecutions. I have seen genuinly supportful pro-ana sites. But even still the line between these two types is almost as thin as the pictures of women shown there. If State and Federal Laws are passed making it illegal for minors to view the pictures deemed inappropriate or harmful, we will be treating just like every other offensive, unhealthy or potentially harmful practice such smoking or drinking. This is the stance that the Pro-ana supporers take when speaking about the decisions they have made as adults. Provide young people with a means for support and expression, but have a commissioned group to decide if a site in question should be deemed inappropriate of minors. After all, you won't see AA host their meetings in a liqour store.

We, the undersigned, desire to have this petition brought to our respective State Representatives for review concerning the possibility of legislation to restrict minors from viewing sites deemed unsuitable on account of being offensive, unhealthy or harmful.

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