Modesto City Council
United States of America

Beautify Modesto is a group founded with the mission to improve the physical appearance and general quality of life of Modesto, CA. This group is organizing volunteers, community leaders, business leaders, and elected officials to co-operate in making Modesto a more attractive place to live. This petition and its list of supporters will be submitted to the city council and may also appear in the local newspaper.

We believe that the City of Modesto's physical appearance has historically been neglected, and needs to be drastically improved. City beautification will have an overall positive effect on the city and its citizens that is inspiring, widespread and impossible to measure.

We ask City of Modesto officials to pursue courses of action that improve the general appearance of the city, and to adopt city ordinances that address public beautification issues. It is the responsibility of City of Modesto officials to enforce and maintain current and future standards relating to quality of life and public appearance issues, and private citizens expect this to occur.

Further, it is also the responsibility of businesses and private citizens to encourage, appreciate and reward beauty and related ordinances in the City of Modesto. In this spirit, we publicly request that city officials, businesses and private citizens make city beautification and quality of life issues a priority.

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