#Human Rights
Senator Cowin (R-20)
United States of America

SB 178, sponsored by Senator Cowin sponsers an amendment to Chapter 419, F.S., to prohibit a group home of 6 or fewer residents from being within 500 feet of another single family home (i.e. a non-group home). This bill alienates individuals with disabilities from participating and living in the community of their choice as well as ignoring the progress that has been made to include persons with disabilities in their community. The public policy implications of this legislation are distincly contrary from the current goals and objectives of this organization, as well as our state and federal governments' on housing options for persons with developmental disabilities.

The Florida Developmental Disabilities Council officially opposes the language and intent of SB 178. Council staff has met with Senator Cowin and will continue to discuss the issue with her andn other members of the Legislature.

Currently, the bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on Comprehensive Planning, Children and Families; Appropriations Subcommittee on Health and Human Services; and Appropriations.

It is important for the disability community to share their opinions and concerns with Senator Cowin. In addition, please make your legislators aware of this issue and your reasons for oppostion.

Please print and sign your name, and include your address if you oppose this amendment to Senate Bill 178.

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