Mr. Lockard
United States of America

The first block of Mr. Kerrick's class wishes to see Mr. Lockard grow out his goatee.

In order to exercise our first amendment right of petition, the following people wish to see Mr. Lockard grow out his goatee. Those who do not recognize Mr. Lockard (and/or his name), then wish to support solely the effort of Brandi Taylor (and see her get her way). The following in order to accomplish our goals:
1) Brandi Taylor must acquire at least 220 signatures before Mr. Lockard has to grow out his goatee.
2) There was no date set as to when these signatures were to be turned in.
3) Once Brandi has acquired these signatures, Mr. Lockard must immediately begin growing his goatee, and is required keep it until the end of the semester.

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The The Petition for Mr. Lockard's Goatee petition to Mr. Lockard was written by Brandi and is in the category Miscellaneous at GoPetition.