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wnnx 99.7 fm in atlanta
United States of America

Godhead is a goth/industrial/hard rock band that has worked hard over the last 8 years to create a large following and a respectable name for themselves. They have a large following in the USA and europe but there are only a handful of radio stations who play their new music in the USA.

About 1 year ago they were signed to Post Human Records and under signed by Priority Records. With every
show they do, their fan base grows larger. It the first week of their new CD being released they sold over 7000 copies placing them #2 on the sales list for new alternative bands. If
you have never herd of this band and you like rock or goth music please go to
www.godhead.com and check them out.

We the undersigned hereby request that all radio stations in the USA, who play
modern rock, put godhead into rotation durring all hours of the day and night. We also request that these radio
stations also make announcements when godhead will be playing a local show.

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