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1. Get The Olympains Picked Up!!

Sign our petition to show networks and streaming services you want this show to have a home! The pilot is done, the designs are done, the show is written, and the only thing left is to prove there is a demand for it. Sign and show your support!




3. Save historical and family-friendly Plymouth cinema

The Reel Cinema, formerly the ABC, began life as the Royal Cinema. Built in 1938, the building survived the Plymouth Blitz during the Second World War and is a vital piece of Plymouth history, and current family favourite; there are few other indoor entertainment venues in the city. However, plans have been suggested to knock the cinema down, along with the popular Lorenzo's Spanish Tapas Restaurant and Bar, a part of Plymouth for 25 years, and the Gala Bingo hall, for additional student accommodation.

A public consultation will be held at the Pennon Room in the Theatre Royal, Plymouth, on Monday 17 October, between 11 am and 7 pm, in which this petition will be delivered, to demonstrate Devon and Cornwall's support to keep The Reel Cinema, Lorenzo's Spanish Tapas Restaurant and Bar and the Gala Bingo hall.

4. Offer a Video Technology Degree Program at Ivy Tech

Ivy Tech has previously offered various film production classes under the section name "Video Technology (VIDT)." Currently, Visual Communications (VISC) is the only program at Ivy Tech that offers these classes as electives. Unfortunately, Visual Communications is not offered through the Bloomington campus, but the best way to solve the issue would be to unburden the Visual Communications program of the Video Technology classes and allow them their own program. A Video Technology course would be, essentially, a film production course, designed to teach aspiring filmmakers the skills necessary to produce film and television.

In addition, a basic filmmaking class that is not offered yet is Screenwriting. This would be an essential class to a Video Technology degree, and in general, a really interesting elective for creative writers. The Bloomington campus has many wonderful programs, instructors, and students. However, by lacking this degree, it is putting many students in a unique position. Many Ivy Tech students in general (and Bloomington students specifically) are being forced to transfer to other schools in order to take these classes. Offering this program at Ivy Tech would allow students more choice and convenience.

Finally, the Visual Communications program is only offered at the Evansville, Indianapolis, Columbus, Lafayette, Fort Wayne, Kokomo, Sellersburg, South Bend, and Terre Haute campuses. In spite of such a lengthy list, many campuses seem to lack many classes that are needed to complete the degree, meaning some students have to switch between campuses that may be of inconvenient distances in order to complete their degree.

Many of the Bloomington students come from the Bedford and Mitchell areas, and some come from much farther away. In order to be part of the Visual Communications degree, a Bloomington student would realistically only be able to go to Indianapolis, Columbus, Terre Haute, or Evansville without travelling farther than necessary. Even with this, this drive will most likely take an hour at least, and two at most.

For a college that is striving to be seen as a convenient but educationally sound option, many students are missing out on the former.

This petition's goal is to do three things:

1. Expand the amount of Video Technology (VIDT) classes offered (including the addition of a Screenwriting class), and
2. begin offering a Video Technology degree program at Ivy Tech in general and the Bloomington campus specifically, and
3. begin offering the Visual Communications program at the Bloomington campus.


This Short film was filmed on location at Ivy Tech Community College - Bloomington, by students of the Fall 2016 VISC 105 Video and Sound Class. This petition is aimed at creating an entire program structured around teaching students how to make things like this:

5. Dragon Ball: The Movie

With the resurgence of the popular anime series Dragon Ball after more than 15 years of worldwide exposure, I feel that it's time for a live-action Dragon Ball movie that fully encapsulates the epic nature of the franchise.

6. Keep Allied - Kansas City Open

It has come to the attention of our professional organizations that Allied is planning to close its Kansas City office in hopes that the St. Louis office can coordinate campaigns and screenings remotely for the Kansas City market. We object in the strongest possible terms and would like to lodge a formal complaint.

We understand that the quickest way to balance a company’s budget in the short term is often through its payroll. As home to Hallmark, Applebee’s, Sprint, Teva, Cerner, and numerous other multinational corporations, Kansas City is well versed in business.

But we see shortsightedness in closing Allied’s Kansas City office that not only undervalues our local film market, but also undermines Allied’s ability to serve its clients—especially since there was no slowing down of business being done here.

The continued growth of the Kansas City suburbs means that our population has been outpacing St. Louis’ modest growth by 2.4%. Thanks in part to newly revived arts, marketing, and technology scenes, Kansas City is now number one on Huffington Post’s coolest places to live,  among other media outlets that compliment our hometown this way. It performs better in film attendance as well, and has always been known as a fertile test market for studio movies.

Kansas City boasts a zealous and cohesive film community, serving as the headquarters for AMC Theatres in the U.S. The Kansas City Film Critics Circle, founded in 1966 and second only to the New York Film Critics Circle in age, has more active members than the St. Louis Film Critics Association, which was founded in 2004.

Many of Kansas City’s critics are longer tenured, better connected, and have a larger reach than those in the St. Louis area. Our critics also serve most of Kansas, Arkansas, Nebraska, Iowa, parts of Oklahoma, and Eastern Missouri. Allied’s Kansas City office is critical to continuing the work which your clients also rely on.

The Kansas City Allied office also coordinates with the various film organizations in town. From Kansas City Women in Film and Television to Independent Filmmakers Coalition Kansas City, Film Society Kansas City, CinemaKC, to the Kansas City Film and Media Office, Allied’s Kansas City office has been critical to coordinating events with these organizations throughout Kansas City and the surrounding regional area. These are all organizations that have a vested interest in the success of film at all levels.

Ultimately the Kansas City office is here to support the needs of Allied’s clients. Many studios see Kansas City as a supportive mid-sized market that continues to grow. The cohesiveness of the film community has and continues to benefit Allied in its pursuit to promote films across a wide spectrum of interests and age ranges.

Since we feel that closing the Kansas City office makes any relationship with Allied more difficult, this will directly impact the studios distributing these films.

7. Stop New legislation, Georgia House Bill (HB) 840 which would allow filmmakers to obtain exhibition permits for the use of Georgia's native wildlife

New legislation, Georgia House Bill (HB) 840 would allow filmmakers to obtain exhibition permits for the use of Georgia's native wildlife.

Animals will be torn from their natural homes, kept in captivity, and potentially used again and again. They will be denied all that is natural and important to them so that the DNR can make money off selling licenses to film companies. This practice is currently prohibited.

We must fight to stop this cruel bill and protect Georgia wildlife.

8. Muse to write next 007 theme

One day my brother and I were listening to Muse's song "Supremacy" and we thought it sounded much like a James Bond them tune, then we realised that quite a few others also do.

In fact in an interview with the drummer of Muse (Dominic Howard) he said that they originally wrote it for James Bond, but the idea was scrapped.

Muse could also gain a lot of publicity from the song, and if they were to write it then many Muse fans may be encouraged to come and watch the film, much like what Sam Smith and Adele did for the previous two Daniel Craig Bond films.

9. Joss Whedon to produce Terry Pratchett Discworld Series!

Terry Pratchett fans across the world were saddened and dismayed earlier this year by the death of this best selling and wonderfully brilliant author.

Terry Pratchett has sold over 85 million copies of his books worldwide in 37 languages.

What better way to keep his brilliance alive and spread his magic to more fantasy lovers than to bring his Discworld series to life on screen.

I can think of no one else more qualified to do this than Joss Whedon another brilliant creator of fiction.

Joss Whedon is best known as the creator of the television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997–2003), Angel (1999–2004), Firefly (2002), Dollhouse (2009–10) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013–present). Whedon co-wrote Toy Story (1995), wrote and directed Serenity (2005), co-wrote and directed Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog (2008), co-wrote and produced The Cabin in the Woods (2012), and wrote and directed The Avengers (2012) and its sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). Need I say more!

Spread this idea as far and wide as possible so that Joss will hear and maybe bring our Discworld dreams to life!

10. Stop International Governments from Censoring Films

Late 2014, Sony Pictures' personal files were hacked and leaked to the public after their release of the upcoming film, The Interview. Facing threats from the hackers threatening to expose further secrets and possible 9/11 like attacks on theaters, Sony decided to pull the release of the film.

The Interview mocks North Korea's supreme leader Kim Jong Un. Cinemas in the US cancelled screenings of the film.

11. Create A Warriors Movie!

As some of you probably know, "Warriors" is a series of books written by four women under the collective pseudonym of Erin Hunter that, despite being aimed at children aged 9-12, was a New York Times Besteller for 117 weeks in 2013 and has received positive reviews from critics, in addition to having garnered a wide, diverse fan base across the world due to it's intelligent story lines and Tolkien-esque feel.

With these facts put together, "Warriors" would be an obvious choice for a film adaptation; however, many fans are skeptical and even nervous about such an adaptation due to the failure of multiple adaptations, such as "Eragon", "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones", and, most famously, "Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole".

To the collective boards of Warner Bros, Lionsgate, and Universal, I have targeted this petition towards you because the three of you have been behind some of the most successful-and memorable-book-to-film adaptations, as well as high quality and memorable films in general, and I have great faith that you will do justice to this series.

12. Raise Production Assistant Wages in NYC

We help make your favorite shows: Orange Is The New Black, The Blacklist, Person of Interest, Elementary, Madam Secretary, Girls, The Good Wife, and the list goes on. We also work on popular features like The Amazing Spiderman, The Dark Knight Rises, Ninja Turtles, etc.

Production assistants on Film and Television sets provide an invaluable service to all productions operating within NYC. They have no job description, so they can be asked to do anything. They operate vehicles, they handle talent, paperwork, they lock up city streets, they deal with vendors, they handle petty cash and credit card purchases, they handle valuable costumes and jewelry, and do many other much less glamorous tasks. They also work 12 hours a day minimum. They are the first people on set, and the last to leave, and they work in any weather conditions.

The average rate for a production assistant has been $150/12 for decades. Costs of living have gone up, our rent has gone up, the price of gas has gone up, the cost of education has gone up, and minimum wage has gone up. But our rate hasn't. Which means we are making closer to minimum wage now than we were even 5 years ago. Even worse, production companies are switching to $150/14, meaning we are making even less than we were even a year ago.

Many PAs quit before they move up because they can't afford to do this work for years at a time. Without the mandatory overtime, we would be living eerily close to the poverty line, because our work leaves us unemployed throughout certain parts of the year. We get no health benefits, no paid days off or vacation time, and have no retirement benefits.

We deserve better. We deserve a living wage.

13. Petition Calling all Media/Music/Film/Arts Representatives to show UNITY

We are concerned regarding the Conflict in Palestine and Israel.

We need to find peace.

14. How High 2

I have asked this question on Facebook and other social sites about the making of How High 2, and alot of people would love to see it. On Metacritic it recieved 8.4 out of 10 and on Amazon 4 out of 5 stars.

The only thing holding up the making of the movie is Universal Pictures owns the rights, if you guys dont want to take part in the making of the movie then at least release the rights so the movie can be filmed.

People at TMZ have asked about this also, also recieved 4.8 out of 5 stars.

15. Bring Film Production to Colorado

It is my contention that the current tax rate for movie production in Colorado is too high and the incentives are too few.

Film production in Colorado has all but come to a hault and this is a detriment to the cultural community in Colorado.

16. Make a Disney & Pixar sequel "A Bug's Life 2"

"A Bug's Life" has been a popular Disney/Pixar movie since all the other Pixar films. As a matter of fact, I have been dying for a sequel for "A Bug's Life" to be made. It's high-time Pixar made "A Bug's Life 2!"

A Bug's Life has loads of potential like Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. We are hoping to see Flik and Queen Atta get married and all new kinds of adventures! I have made my own BlogSpot called "A Bug's Life 2 Possibililities." But haven't got that many votes and comments since I made it. For the original voices and replacement voices, there should be Dave Foley, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Hayley Noelle, David Hyde Pierce, Jerome Ranft, Denis Leary, Jim Cummings, Jennifer Aniston, Michael McShane, Bonnie Hunt, Brad Garrett, John Ratzenberger, Richard Kind, Ed Asner, Edie McClurg, Lewis Black, and David Osman. Plus there should be new characters in the sequel as well.

The movie should also be about Ant Island getting destroyed by humans building a new road and Atta and Gypsy getting captured by a scientist who is making plans for an insect exhibit. Flik, the colony, and the circus bugs have two missions to accomplish. A mission to save Atta and Gypsy and to find a new home for the ant colony.

17. Prevent young children from entering R rated movies in St Kitts

It is a frequent occurrence to find young children under the age of 5 in R rated and violent movies in St Kitts because parents find it acceptable to expose them to such adult related material.

Caribbean Cinemas says they are aware of the issue, but will only advise parents and will not stop them.

Children screaming and crying from fright is disruptive to other movie goers, but more importantly its traumatizing and damaging to the young children to see such images at this formative stage.


In 2010, a family member, Jeremiah Ocañas, began a campaign to raise funds to shoot the film HOMEBOUND. In 2011, his dream came true and the filming process began. He worked very hard recruiting friends, family members, and the entire community of EL Campo to help with the project. It is my understanding that the film has been screened in Los Angeles; and others have seen it via a private on-line link.

Due to personal issues with the production company, my nephew had to walk away in post-production. However, since he was instrumental in bringing a community together to create HOMEBOUND, we would request a copy of the movie for one day so that he can share it with the residents, including family and friends of El Campo, Texas with a personal screening. As such, he would be able to personally thank his community for coming together to help a small town film maker realize a dream and celebrate with all those who made the film possible.

Everyone is anxious to see the work of the community of El Campo, Texas now that the film has been completed.

19. Bless Me, Ultima at the Rialto theater in Santa Rosa, Ca

Set in 1940s rural New Mexico, a boy struggles to understand good and evil, guided by an elderly curandera (healer) and the way of life in his village.

The film was adapted from the novel "Bless Me, Ultima" by acclaimed author Rudolfo Anaya. Screenplay written and film directed by Carl Franklin.

Set in the 1940s during WWII, it is about a boy named Antonio Marez (Tony) growing up in a rural village of New Mexico. His father is Gabriel Marez, a vaquero (cowboy) from the isolated ranches of the high desert plains of Las Pasturas. He dreams of passing this life on to his children or packing it all up and moving his family to California. Antonio's mother, is Maria Luna, a religious woman who expresses her wishes for Tony to become a priest. She descends from farmers in the nearby village of Puerto de Luna (Port of the Moon) nestled along the Pecos river valley.

Life changes when Antonio's parents bring an elderly woman Ultima to live with them. She is a curandera (healer) and midwife, relying on herbs and spirituality to heal the local people and cast away witches' spells. Antonio is conflicted by the wishes of his loved ones to determine his destiny and struggles to understand good and evil. He witnesses murder, drunkenness and debauchery, the effects of World War II that have come to his village. His maturity grows when he defends Ultima from condemnations of being a witch and from experiences in school and catechism.

Ultima teaches Antonio how spirit is present in everything around us. Through her guidance and his astuteness, he taps into the divine essence of life. She emphasizes to him how the smallest of good overpowers over any evil, and she teaches respectful and harmonious living. His father Gabriel shares with him that what most people call evil is just something they do not understand, and that we need more sympathy towards others before we judge so quickly.

20. Anime : Sekirei Season 3

Sekirei Season 1 : 2008
Sekirei Season 2 : 2010
Sekirei Season 3 : 2012?

Want Sekirei Season 3? Vote Now!

21. Save Bradford Odeon

On 22nd September 1930, the New Victoria Theatre opened for the first time. The biggest picture house outside of London, the theatre held 3,318 people at any one time. In 1950, it changed names to the Gaumont franchise and between then and 1969, stars such as The Beatles, Tom Jones, Shirley Bassey and Lulu came to perform to the masses.

In 1969, the picture house was converted into twin screen operation and in 1988, was further converted into triple screens. It was one of the most successful Odeon's in history.

It closed its doors for the final time on 2nd July 2000. Grange Estates bought it and put planning permission in for a casino and bar complex. They pulled out in 2003 because of "Bradford's weak economic climate." Then, Yorkshire Forward bought it and when they were disbanded in 2011, the building was passed on to the Government's Homes and Communities Agency. They plan to demolish the iconic building and build four glass-fronted office towers which the City of Bradford does not need. More offices when Thomas Cook has shut down opposite? Another hotel opposite the Jurys Inn and in the vicinity of the Travelodge, Premier Inn and Hilton?


22. Bring The FP to Australia

The film, The FP, was shown last year at the Brisbane International Film Festival with good reviews from both critics and video game fans and now we are hoping to bring it to Australia.

At the moment Drafthouse films, the distributor for the film's American release has no plans to currently release the film in Australia. The film is being released on March 15th in the US.

Watch this:

23. New Crash Bandicoot Game For 2012-13

For many years the bandicoot known as Crash Bandicoot has been very loved by gamers. It has come to all the Crash fans out there that we have gone without any new game in 4 years! Most people complain about Crash's new look but face the fact.

Crash would get boring if it was always like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd games. Grow Up. Personally I loved Crash of the Titans! Maybe not Mind over Mutant AS MUCH. Activision. Please. Make a new Crash Bandicoot Game! I can give you, Activision some ideas for a new Crash Game....

A spin Off Fighting (like Tekken) Game with all Crash Characters and friend Characters (Like Spyro!)

24. Allow Professional Videography on Public Lands

Small, independent film-makers are forced to pay the same fees as large production studios to film commercially on public lands.

Still Photographers are exempted from the fees, but with advancements in technology (Especially DSLR's), videographers and film makers are now using similar or identical equipment with no more impact than a still photographer. The fee is now necessitated at the flip of a switch.

25. Save Dungog Cinema

The James Theatre (Dungog Cinema) is the oldest purpose-built cinema still operating in Australia. In December 1912 the Dungog Electric Lighting Company set up an open air theatre seating 1000 on the present site!

Then in 1917 James Stuart who owned the land took over the Cinema and by Jan 1918 had constructed a new roofed building. The building, with its Spanish Mission facade added in 1930, is of significant cultural and architectural heritage.

The recent closure of the commercial cinema business is as a direct result of the film distribution change to the specific D-Cinema digital format and in no way a fault of the current management. The consequent scarcity of 35mm film prints or alternative digital media formats suitable for small cinemas to show movies in a reasonable time after release has meant business has declined. Also the cost of the new 2K projectors and E-Cinema server/media block systems has hampered their take-up by small independent cinemas.

The media moguls are too big to be fought by small operators, so help and lobbying at the highest level by Australian politicians and film industry luminaries is needed.

26. Support a new Rooftop Cinema for Sydney

Sydney needs more alternative cultural venues and it's very close to getting one. Rooftop Cinema Sydney has been proposed for the roof of the old Paramount building on the corner Commonwealth and Brisbane Streets in Surry Hills.

The proposed cinema is a similar size to Melbourne's Rooftop Cinema (250 person capacity with 180 cinema seats) which has been successfully running for five years and screens a mix of arthouse, documentary and recent release films.

Like the Melbourne site, the Sydney rooftop has two distinct arms, which will allow the cinema to screen films while still operating as a separated, enclosed restaurant.

The Rooftop Cinema Sydney development application (DA) has been recommended for approval by council planning officers, based on town planning laws, acoustic compliance, zoning appropriateness and a highly detailed plan of management. However, resident objections to the project and continued council deferral means that it needs your positive reinforcement to be approved.

Ultimately it is Rooftop Cinema Sydney's aim to create a new, alternative cultural venue that provides enjoyment to a wide audience and is of lasting benefit to to the city. Please show your support.

27. Support a UK Harry Potter convention

After 10 years, the films are coming to an end in July yet the UK have only had one small Harry Potter convention which stopped running after the first year due to low ticket sales.

I believe this was due to the stars they had attending and want to show the organisor's that there are Harry Potter fans out there who would love nothing more than to meet the stars of the films.

You can meet some of your favourite stars by going to different conventions but wouldn't it be great if they were in one place for a day so you could meet them one after the other instead of going to several different events over time?

So if you are a fan of the films and would love nothing more than to meet your favourite stars, sign the petition to help me show Showmasters Ltd (who run these sorts of events) that it would be worth putting a Harry Potter convention together.

Please also make a note of your 3 top favourite actors from the Harry Potter films that you would like meet if the convention was run.

28. Bring back Polaroid instant film

A new trend is coming back involving vintage cameras and the company would make more profit if they started to sell instant film again.

The fashion industry also uses Polaroid instant film when booking models. Instant film would also be popular for analog photography.

29. Recreate STAR WARS IV, V and VI

Who enjoyed STAR WARS I, II and III? I know almost every single person reading this did... and the main part of them all must be the realistic graphics and combining our real with the unreal...

Wouldn't it be amazing to see the rest of the story as if it were happening in real time? If you think so... Join... All STAR WARS fans...

Get ready...

30. Save The Belmont Picturehouse

In January, after a lengthy tender process, Aberdeen City Council awarded the contract to operate The Belmont Picturehouse to their "preferred bidder" i.e. not City Screen (the current operator). So far no progress has been made on an agreement for the new company to takeover.

City Screen will finish operating The Belmont on 26th May 2011 and there is a real danger that if no agreement is in place by this date that the cinema could close to the general public.

The aim of this petition is to show the Council that The Belmont Picturehouse is a valued cultural entertainment venue within the community and closure would not only threaten the jobs of the people that work there but also affect the cultural output of the city.