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Classification Board of Australia

The Classification board of Australia warns us about almost everything in our movies and tv shows these days; sexual references, drugs, swearing and violence, to name a few, but the one thing they don't seem to tell us about is the content of abusive behaviour to animals.

Of the all the things we are exposing our families to, violence to animals should be the last things our kids see.
There are already too many people in our country abusing animals, without us glamorising it the form we as humans, most relate to.

We allow tv and film to make light of animal violence by showing our favourite stars kicking their dog in anger or seeing the face of a cat, full of quills after fighting off a porcupine.
And on top of that, we're encouraged to think it's funny!

This kind of humour may never leave our entertainment formula, but we need to be able to decide for ourselves whether or not we want our family to be exposed to it.

We, the undersigned, petition the Classification Board of Australia to include content of violence towards animals in the Australian Film and TV classification code.

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