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With the increased number of films being made that previously would have been impossible due to advances in technology, the words "moderate violence" have become a regular comment on 12A films: The Dark Knight needs to be re-classified as a 15 Certificate if the BBFC had followed its own guidelines, it would have been . . .

In the BBFCs own guidelines, we see the following:

"In making decisions our concerns, especially at the lower categories, include: portrayal of violence as a normal solution to problems, heroes who inflict pain and injury, callousness towards victims, encouraging aggressive attitudes, taking pleasure in pain or humiliation, Works which glorify, glamorise or sexualise violence will receive a more restrictive classification and may even be cut."

"Contains Moderate Violence and sustained threat", which is the consumer advice for The Dark Knight, does not convey the extent to which this really is dark and unremitting throughout the film - the BBFC cannot say that the Joker character does not "glorify violence" and, unlike a number of other super hero films the BBFC has taken the decision not to emphasise that this is "fantasy violence" in the consumer advice - surely because the way the film has been shot is so realistic!

Knives are glorified in this film and are the weapon of choice for the main protagonist - this is unacceptable in a 12A film.

Comments have been made by others also concerned with the certification for this film in light of its content:




We, the undersigned, call on the BBFC to change the classification of Dark Knight to a 15 certificate.

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