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Roy Lee; American Directors, Hollywood film industry.

American directors and producers (specifically Roy Lee - the powerhouse of Asian remakes of the film industry) constantly remake Asian films; horrors, comedies, dramas, etc, purely because they have no creativity of their own and want to waste a colossal amount of money.

Their supposed ultimate goal is to share these unique films with the West; that they enjoy the culture exchange, but really they don't care and actually believe they can make the original movies better (but we all know the remakes are horribly worse). If they really wanted to share these movies, wouldn't they just subtitle them instead of writing an entirely new script?

This is a petition for people who want to see the end to the butchery and disappointing remakes of Asian films.

The remakes are not only a disappointment to movie critics and movie fans alike, but they also cause the fans of the originals to become less of fans because the atrocious remakes leave a bad taste in the mouth, so to speak.

We, the fans of movies and originality alike, are not going to stop until terrible American remakes of Asian films subside.

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