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Cooking lobsters, crabs, etc. in ways such as boiling them alive or cooking them alive is a cruel and dirty act that must be changed. Fisheries, food markets, and restaurants still try to sell people on the idea that crustaceans do not feel pain. However, there is substantial evidence and scientific data that discloses how much of a complex and pain-reliant system crustaceans and other fishes possess.

1) As anyone whose seen a lobster being cooked can attest to, a healthy energetic one can be seen and heard kicking and struggling when submerged in overheated water. This indicates discomfort.

2) I think if you should put your trust in anyone, it would be the experts. Jaren G. Horsley, Ph.D., who has studied the creature for many years, states “As an invertebrate zoologist who has studied crustaceans for a number of years, I can tell you the lobster has a rather sophisticated nervous system that, among other things, allows it to sense actions that will cause it harm. … [Lobsters] can, I am sure, sense pain.”

"The thing most people don't realize is that they always think that if something feels pain, it will be noticeable, and send them into a state of shock." Jaren states "Lobsters however do not have an 'automated' nervous system that sends them into a state of shock when pain is transferred, so it remains hidden when danger is sensed."

3) From me, I can probably see why lobsters and crabs would be designed like that. After all, they are fragile creatures, and as most know, there are a lot of formidable predators who keep an eye open for something that looks to be wounded or in pain, which is why, in my own theory, they don't get shocked.

Another, more recent reference, is a study that was done just in mid-2009. The article on that study can be found here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29915025/

This petition will be for finding a much more humane way of cooking crustaceans, and putting hopefully a fulltime ban or law against cruel preparation practices.

*NOTE: People, please, don't misunderstand me. I am extremely anti-seafood, I just think that this success will be considerably more likely than trying to stop consumption of them as a whole, considering how popular it is.*

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