Honda Corporation

July 10, 2006

For the first time, Honda Corporation has made its popular navigation/radio option available to Civic buyers in 2006.

This nearly $2,000 option, while quite expensive for such an in-expensive vehicle, provides Honda owners with some much-appreciated functionality.

It has come to our attention that the unit, while providing some great features, has a number of bugs that would never have been allowed to reach mass-market in an after-market head-unit.

When reporting these bugs to Honda, they are not even acknowledged. When reporting these bugs to Alpine, they simply reply that the unit was built EXACTLY as specified by Honda Corporation.

We find it difficult to believe that Honda would design IN these bugs, so we are requesting that they be corrected promptly.

As long as we are bringing these bugs to Honda's attention, we would also like to bring a few other issues with the unit to their attention as well.

Normally we wouldn't even mention them, however, it's difficult to imagine when this unit was being designed that we would get half the features for twice the price that Alpine puts into their after-market navigation/radio head units.

We request that Honda Corporation correct the following bugs in the 2006 Honda Navigation/Radio Unit:

1. There is a bug in the order of the preset stations when using the Channel + and - buttons on the steering wheel control. The presets are not stepped through in the incremental order one would assume.

2. There is a bug in the order of modes when using the mode button on the steering wheel control. The modes are not stepped through in the incremental order one would assume.

3. CD-Text display is unreliable on commercial CDs.

4. XM Channel Scan does not work when holding down the Channel + and - buttons on the steering wheel control as it does with AM and FM radio.

5. Artist and Track information is truncated and does not scroll beyond the 1/2 way point in the screen, even though there is an entire 1/2 of the screen unused that could properly display this information. We were unsure as to whether to list this as a requested enhancement or a bug, but decided to list it as a bug because we cannot imagine any possible reason to put a 7" monitor in a car and use 1/2 the space.

While we are discussing this situation, we would like to add the following requests for enhancements:

1. Display RDS information when in radio mode.

2. Improve support of larger memory cards, since 1gb, 2gb, and 4gb cards are standard now, why limit the use to 512mb?

Lastly, it would be impossible to do this petetion without adding a small section to point out that the thousands of us who are both Honda owners AND iPod owners cannot understand the logic behind the miserable integration attempt by all parties in the creation of the MusicLink accessory.

We eagerly await something that is, at the very least, useable in some small way, unlike the current version.

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