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When child support was put into place women didn't work and the men solely earned the income in the home. Well times have changed and women have every opportunity to work a full time job, get benefits, and collect a paycheck every week.

The system does not worry about whether or not the non custodial parent can survive on what is left over after child support is paid. But what they dont put into consideration, is that the non custodial parent still has visitation, shared parenting, joint custody Etc.. If the courts have the childs best interest in mind then why isn't the fact that both parents need to feed, cloth and house the child.

The non-custodial parent is paying child support and working and has their own bills. The custodial parent is receiving child support and working. They are making more than the non-custodial parent and he/she still has to support him/herself, if he/she remarries, then a second family. I myself was a single mother ordered to recieve support but never pursued it due to the fact I wanted my kids to have a roof over their head, hot water to bathe in, and food in their mouth when they were with their father.

I also believe that if the non-custodial parent needs to take on overtime or recieves a bonus that the custodial parent has no rights to it. Please give me any feedback on this issue or your opinion whether for or against and let me know why you think this way.

The laws need to change and both parents need to be able to survive.

I cannot use E Signatures in the State of Ohio, But I would like you to sign this petition if you believe in this issue.

Lower Child support and put a cap on the amount per year.

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