members of www.gosupemodel.com or just normal freedom wishers
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Ok. Before i begin i just want to say, Moderators of Gsm, this is nothing
personal. I just think that it is time for a change. I think that we should get rid of
or, at least change the GSM moderator system. Heres why.

1. i think that it is unfair that they should get to read private club forums.
Mabey they should Keep the club safe be respecting the members and apllying.
Like everyone else. By respecting members, you might gain the respect of

2. I dont think that they should be able to put people in time out of ban them.
Mabey there could be a system where they file a report to admin who would be
able to Veiw them all when she logged on. This is nessascery because
sometimes the moderators abuse there powers. (no offence, if any of you are
reading this)

3.I think that every 2 months the moderators should have to Check in with
admin who would make sure that they are still desverving of this postion.

4. I think that the beheivor of the moderators should be moniterd more
carefully. They get away with alot of stuff.

5. I just hope that admin is making sure that there "Moderator Club"s private
forum does not become perosonal attack central. Because in the forum "No
more Not fair posts" it metions that the moderators discuss "who to look out
for" which can turn into personal attacks very easily. I think that they should
not be aloud to discuss people. They should leave it at GSM events and changes
that would do more to make GSM better

If you do not make these changes, get rid of moderators all together

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