Wabash Valley Fair Board
United States of America

Thompson-Thrift and Gibson Development have offered to purchase the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds by swapping a 111 acre piece of land for a 72 acre plot and giving the Fair Board $9.2 million.

The existing fairgrounds would be used to construct a new shopping center, which would be located a whole .15 miles away from Honey Creek Mall.

The new location would be out of the way for 4-Hers and business at the fair would suffer due to lack of traffic. They haven't considered the feelings of 4-H members (which I am) or parents. These are the people that would directly suffer from the change.

I ask you to sign this petition and save the fairgrounds for the youth.

We, the undersigned, call on the Wabash Valley Fair Board to vote against the sale of the existing Wabash Valley Fairgrounds for the continued development of 4-H.

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