Petition Tag - equity

1. Ask UCSD to fight against Systemic Racism

UCSD has for too long remained inactive while institutional racism affects its university and student body, mostly notably its minorities. Prominent examples are the administration's response in a time of crisis. Some of these examples are the racist chalked messages last year, their efforts to hide the Compton Cookout and lack of action during the recent Muslim Bans.

Our students need a thorough understanding of systematic racism, classism, sexism, and xenophobia. If we ignore systematic issues that target specific marginalized groups, we perpetuate the same broken system.

These listed factors go on to create cycles of poverty, racism, and segregation that are still affecting our society. Therefore, in order to work towards educational equity, it is essential for our schools not only to publicize systematic racism and discrimination, but to consistently work towards breaking these cycles.

We believe the administration’s effort towards equity, diversity, and Inclusion are minimal, and quite often reactionary. The few efforts include the implementation of the DEI requirement and the opening of the Black Resource Center. Both of with came about as a response to the Compton Cookout in 2010. Although the DEI requirement covers beneficial classes that inform students about issues of race, gender and class, they are simply not enough. The UC San Diego administration needs to constantly reflect on its progress. UC San Diego needs to adjust its policies and create new programs to work towards breaking the cycle of systematic racism.

2. Establish and support the International Tribunal of Reparation

This petition is conceived as the logical next step to several initiatives that the Organization of African Unity, currently African Union, United Nations, Republic of Haiti, Caribbean Community (Caricom), and civil society have undertaken to eliminate the impact of slavery, racism, discrimination and related exclusion.

On the borders of certain countries (e.g., Israel and United States) fences are built to socially isolate, exclude and/or separate targeted communities formed of individuals that are deemed illegal by national laws. In most of those cases, significant numbers of people (e.g., Somalis, Congolese, Syrians, etc.), due to religious, ethnic, and racial conflicts, are forced to resettle in refugee camps and/or faraway countries where they have no previous ties. While the factors underlying such cases vary; by and large, the results are seizures of land, property, resources, and other possessions of these families that are displaced. For instance, the recent decision of the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic (case number 168-13) to render thousands of Dominicans Stateless on the basis of their African ancestry calls to question the Cultural Heritage of the Island of Ayiti, which African Studies, as well as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), recognize as the Nation where Africans rose to affirm their humanity in the New World.

These alarming situations do not mean the whole world is facing a new phenomenon, However, they do indicate widespread systemic impunity, and denial of due process. In a general sense, specific attention should be focus on the plight of Africans who for more than a century have presented a valid case for Reparations from Slavery. While this request continues to be formulated, no court of law has deemed it necessary to adjudicate their claim. However, Reparation is not such a controversial issue; for instance, the U.S. government formally apologized for the internments of nearly 120,000 Japanese Americans that were forcibly relocated and confined by the U.S. military following Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, by signing into law the Civil Liberties Act on August 10, 1988. This law also granted reparations to surviving internees and their families.

The case for Restitution and Reparation is considered beyond dispute by many thinkers, policymakers, and advocates who cite negative health outcomes from Slavery and Racism among significant segments of the world’s population. In a seminal report, the Boston Public Health Commission published in 2005, the researchers found racism to be a leading contributor to Health Disparities among Blacks and Latinos. Such findings are easily corroborated by other reports such as the UN’s annual Human Development Index (HDI) that shows most Africans on the continent and abroad occupy the lowest echelon for life expectancy, income, and education (

Therefore, the most effective manner to address those egregious cases, such as the thousands of Dominicans rendered Stateless, is to convene a judicial process for the victims to seek redress to their grievances based on this common accord: “National laws are subservient to International Courts” (The Economist, December, 2013).

3. New Job Category "Parent Friendly"

On January 1, 2013 the Australian Federal Government moved 80,000 single parents onto the job seeker market by changing their payment from Parenting Payment to NewStart (aka "the Dole").

Job-seeker websites and other means of advertising jobs only offer job structures such as "Full-time" "Part-time" "Casual" "Contract" "Shift work" etc.
Hundreds if not thousands of jobs are advertised every day, and searching through them is an exhausting task when your hours are limited to school hours.

With a new category of job explicitly created for parents seeking work the task of weeding through hundreds of advertisements will be much easier.
It will also reflect more clearly the job market for single parents, and offer incentive for government to help businesses offer employment which suits parents needs.

It may also discourage non-parents from competing for work in this category, leaving those jobs for those who truly need them.

4. Equality for all Californians

Gay Rights Equal Human Rights.

Every day, fellow Californians are denied marriage.. because a few bigoted and hateful people want to force their intolerance on everyone. They claim protecting the sanctity of marriage.. but are statistically the highest group who disgrace marriage through divorce.