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Williamstown Select Board & Planning Board
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The Williamstown Planning Board has proposed rezoning select neighborhoods to "provide density and development" in the form of large apartment buildings that will change the character and population of these neighborhood.
Adjacent streets will be rezoned to protect them from this kind of density redevelopment.

Currently, Williamstown’s zoning requirements are fairly equitable, with all residences in the downtown area subject to the same rules and procedures. The new proposal destroys this equity and places the burden of increased density on particular neighborhoods – neighborhoods that are occupied by less affluent community members. We are not opposed to increasing housing density, but are opposed to doing so in such an inequitable manner. The proposed change have removed residents' voices from the process entirely.

All Williamstown community members deserve the same rights - including rights to review proposed changes to their neighborhoods - and we, as a community, must oppose efforts that rob some of these rights while maintaining them for others. We want to live in a community where people come together to listen to one another and to make important decisions that unify rather than divide.

We, the undersigned, ask that you please postpone further action on the new zoning plan until the Planning Board can adequately demonstrate that any new proposal values the opinions of all neighbors and treats all of our fellow community members equitably.

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