#Civil Rights
University of California San Diego
United States of America

UCSD has for too long remained inactive while institutional racism affects its university and student body, mostly notably its minorities. Prominent examples are the administration's response in a time of crisis. Some of these examples are the racist chalked messages last year, their efforts to hide the Compton Cookout and lack of action during the recent Muslim Bans.

Our students need a thorough understanding of systematic racism, classism, sexism, and xenophobia. If we ignore systematic issues that target specific marginalized groups, we perpetuate the same broken system.

These listed factors go on to create cycles of poverty, racism, and segregation that are still affecting our society. Therefore, in order to work towards educational equity, it is essential for our schools not only to publicize systematic racism and discrimination, but to consistently work towards breaking these cycles.

We believe the administration’s effort towards equity, diversity, and Inclusion are minimal, and quite often reactionary. The few efforts include the implementation of the DEI requirement and the opening of the Black Resource Center. Both of with came about as a response to the Compton Cookout in 2010. Although the DEI requirement covers beneficial classes that inform students about issues of race, gender and class, they are simply not enough. The UC San Diego administration needs to constantly reflect on its progress. UC San Diego needs to adjust its policies and create new programs to work towards breaking the cycle of systematic racism.

We the undersigned call to the University of San Diego California for these demands:

We demand the the UC San Diego Administration fulfill its’ promise of working towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, instead of only campaigning for it.

We demand that the administration make a concerted effort towards admitting more students of color, specifically Black, Latino, and Native American students. This also includes actively working to repeal Proposition 209, which banned affirmative action.

We demand that the administration invest in and develop programs that bring students of color to an appropriate level of college readiness upon entering UC San Diego.

We demand that the administration create subsidized housing and learning communities for marginalized groups.

We demand that the administration hire more faculty of color in order to help aid student’s academic success.

We demand that the administration substantially increase funding for the African-American Studies, Critical Gender Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Latin-American Studies departments.
Lastly, we demand that the administration renew its commitment towards addressing systematic racism.

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