Kate Ellis MP, Federal Minster for Employment Participation

On January 1, 2013 the Australian Federal Government moved 80,000 single parents onto the job seeker market by changing their payment from Parenting Payment to NewStart (aka "the Dole").

Job-seeker websites and other means of advertising jobs only offer job structures such as "Full-time" "Part-time" "Casual" "Contract" "Shift work" etc.
Hundreds if not thousands of jobs are advertised every day, and searching through them is an exhausting task when your hours are limited to school hours.

With a new category of job explicitly created for parents seeking work the task of weeding through hundreds of advertisements will be much easier.
It will also reflect more clearly the job market for single parents, and offer incentive for government to help businesses offer employment which suits parents needs.

It may also discourage non-parents from competing for work in this category, leaving those jobs for those who truly need them.

We the undersigned call on The Honorable Kate Ellis, Federal Minister for Employment Participation to create a new category of employment which encompasses ONLY jobs which are within school hours, ie 9am to 3pm Monday to Friday.

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