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The loss of a large part of CommunityLINK funding means that we will no longer have Family Liaison support within George Jay school.

The George Jay Parent Advisory Council (PAC) is deeply concerned about the loss of this particular position as the Family Liaison plays an essential role in stabilizing vulnerable and marginalized families - 73% of our population at George Jay.

The Family Liaison builds connections among families, the administration and staff, and ensures access to vital programs such as supports for immigrant and refugee children, health and hygiene services, and in fact, direct offerings of food on families’ tables!

Key tasks of this position are:

● Crisis intervention - intensive family support during a crisis
● Solution-focused counseling and parenting support for parents and caregivers
● Community referrals and advocacy for parents and families
● Coordination of community supports for at-risk families
● One-on-one support of children as needed
● Linkage and referrals between community partners that provide financial and practical support to families (i.e., food and clothing donations, louse removal, dental hygiene, grocery vouchers, good food box program, etc.)

Without this support embedded in the day-to-day operations of the school, our most vulnerable families will suffer. This position is the bedrock for the counselling and educational support system that the families in our school need. George Jay School sits in the lowest income region in the district. Having a Family Liaison who provides these crucial supports has a direct impact on the learning outcomes of the children whose families rely the most on this support person.

Align with the District’s stated mission and values to: “…nurture each student’s learning and well-being in a safe, responsive, and inclusive learning community” via “equity, social responsibility and justice.”
At George Jay, Leila Durzi, the Family Liaison, creates this safety, responsiveness and inclusivity and it directly translates to greater equity, and social justice.

We, the undersigned concerned parents and caregivers, call on the district and school administration to ensure that the Family Liaison position for Leila Durzi remains at George Jay School.

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