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"Hey, how come we don't get Election Day off?" I'm sure this idea has been talked about frequently in barber shops, coffee shops, bars, college campuses and living rooms around the country. It's not a new idea. Most recently some friends of this petition's author agreed that they'd sign a petition pleading for the creation of a new federal holiday on election day, if one was put before them. So here it is guys. We get Columbus Day off, we celebrate our independence from Britain; so why not celebrate the vote?!?

P.S. Voting on Sunday is an unacceptable alternative because it conflicts with some widely held religious beliefs but not with others.

We, the People of the United States of America, wish to have Election Day as our official National Holiday so that we may fully celebrate, honor and enact American Democracy. We wish to have Election Day off from work so that we will be free to participate fully in our democracy as volunteers and revelers, as well as well-rested clearheaded voters. We ask our government to immediately declare the next Election Day and every subsequent Election Day to be a full-fledged national holiday.

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The America, Celebrate The Vote! petition to United States Senate and House of Representatives was written by Jonathon Paarlberg and is in the category Government at GoPetition.