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The necessity and urgency of fair and accurate oversight of the 2004 US Presidential Elections is of paramount concern for hundreds of thousands of people who know for fact that their vote did not count. Whether it was by means of physically preventing voting at the polls, an intentional miscount of their vote, or purposeful deception that rendered their vote ineligible, a significant portion of the American population does not feel that the 2000 Presidential Election was executed with democracy and fairness in mind.

The American people have not been given any reason to believe that 2004 Presidential Election will be any different.

The 2000 US Presidential
Elections were wrought with
voting rights violations as
egregious as any seen by
emerging democracies. We the
people of the United States wish
to enact to the best of our ability,
our rights as citizens to hold fair
and accurate public elections.
However, we have lost faith in
our representative government's
ability to insure the proper
execution of this constitutional
right and duty. We implore the
United Nations to intervene on
our behalf in the upcoming 2004
Presidential Elections by
providing all necessary
inspections and oversight during
the election process in order to
insure that proper ballot
collection and counting practices
are enforced. We feel strongly
that the future of American
democracy and representative
government are at stake.

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