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This petition is in support of reducing the current age limit on becoming an MP, councillor or other elected person in UK Government from 21 to 18. In this new century of equality it is common sense that if you can vote at 18 you should also be able to stand for election from the age of 18. Currently it is restricted to 21 or over. How are young people supposed to take an active interest in the running of government if they cannot participate in the workings of government?

Why does this affect you? - this affects everyone who is eligable to vote. Candidates can become your local MP or Councillor. What's to say that a 18 year old can't do a better job than someone who's over 21? Possibly even better!

Please sign this petition if you are in support of:
- democracy
- equal rights for adults over 18
- fairness in government
- modernising UK government

We, the undersigned, support changing the age for standing for election in the UK from 21 to 18, in line with the current age to vote.

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