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1. Close Yeovil College Somerset

Yeovil College is a disgustingly failed establishment.
All they are is just a Foundation Learning Dump and whilst all the real educational foundings were failing, they considered it cool to go ahead and suddenly grab themselves a Spanish A-Level, almost just to say "See, we are OK" ???!!!

There is also a University Centre which takes up valuable space and time, giving gullible hormonal teens fake degrees!

Proving this is indeed an extremely valid Petition and that closing down Yeovil College is urgent! So come on folks, lets rally up!

2. Longstone Road, Moneydarragh Primary School Road Safety Petition

For a number of years now local residents, concerned parents and local & national elected officials have been requesting DRD NI/Roads Service take action and make safe a short stretch of the Longstone Road in Annalong Co.Down leading to Moneydarragh Primary School.

Having recently returned to the the area where I grew up I was delighted to be sending my son the the local primary school I attended 30 years ago. The school is a mere 3-4 mins walk from our new home along a scenic country road but there is no footpath to allow safe travel and we are forced to walk on the actual road surface where cars pass at speed with a speed limit in place of 60Mph!

I approached the local District office for Roads Service NI and requested they trim and maintain the road side verges and bushes therein to at least allow pedestrians to use the amble space available to make the short journey to the school safely AND to allow approaching traffic a full unobstructed view of the road in both directions for both their own safety and the pedestrians.

To date Roads Service NI have refused to carry out this simple task and having lobbied several members of the local department responsible as well as local elected council members, NI Assembly members and even MP Roads Service still to date have refused to carry out the work requested. Other factors that need to be addressed beyond the simple upkeep of this short stretch of road are the urgent requirement for a footpath and speed restrictions and traffic calming measures to ensure the maximum possible safety of all road users be they pedestrians or drivers.

With this in mind please sign this petition - we have yet another site meeting with roads service scheduled of May 17th 2013 and I want to present them with this petition to pressure them into taking immediate action.

3. Premier Redford Must Step Down

Premier Redford has lost the trust of Albertans and it is time for her to step down.

Please sign and share.

4. Stop the Workplace Bullying within Down District Council

This petition has been started to support the Down District Council workers who are alleging that senior council managers are engaged in bullying tactics.

On 13th March 2013, the Down Recorder, a local paper highlighted the bullying culture within Down District Council. Senior managers of Down District Council are accused of bullying staff, showing a lack of respect and treating workers with disdain.

Staff from the Cleansing Department (Binmen and Street Sweepers) have resorted to protesting outside the Council depot in order to have their concerns addressed over the bullying within the organisation.

One particular ex-employee has already been pushed to the brink by the Senior Managers of this local authority. This unfortunate individual, who had been diagnosed with Mental Health Problems, was remanded in custody for 6 weeks at Maghabery Prison and then as it was considered he was too dangerous to live in Down District, he had to move out of his home for 5 months. Thankfully this man has now been exonerated, as reported in the Belfast Telegraph of 19th November 2012, however it was interesting to note that "Nobody from Down District Council was available to comment." This tyranny, by whoever those employees are within Down District Council, is disgraceful. An investigation into the practices of this PUBLIC FUNDED SERVICE should be immediately undertaken.

The Down Recorder reported, on 20th March 2013, that Councillor Patrick Clarke has been aware, since May 2011, of the staff concerns and the cavalier attitude of some senior managers.

Well done to the Binmen/Street Sweepers for standing up and taking action on a wider platform.

This warrants investigation at the highest level in the interests of the Ratepayers and ultimately justice.

It is time for Down Councillors and relevant Northern Ireland Government Representatives to get to the bottom of this debacle.

5. Replace the Trees

I live next to the High School, in Biddeford, Maine. During renovations at the High School, Ledgewood Construction damaged a fence that separates my property from the High School. The School Department wanted Ledgewood Construction to replace the fence.

In order to replace the fence along my property, Ledgewood Construction Company would have to cut down 10-12 trees on my side of the fence, that had grown into the fence over the years. The Facilities Director came to my property and we negotiated a deal to allow Ledgewood Construction to cut down the trees.

The deal was, I would suffer the loss of the trees and they would put in an 8 foot stockade fence. After the trees were cut down, the fence was replaced with another chain link fence.

City of Biddeford Code; Section 53 Primary and secondary schools, fraternal organizations, and not-for-profit clubs. [Ord. No. 2001.45, 5-16-2001]
Schools, fraternal organizations and not-for-profit shall be permitted as a conditional use in accordance with the provisions below:

A. The buffers standards of this ordinance shall be met.

B. No building shall be closer than 50 feet from any property line.

C. When adjacent to residential properties, parking areas and outdoor activity areas shall be effectively screened from view by a continuous vegetative barrier, or stockade fence, not less than six feet in height.

6. Save is shutting down on the 18th of July!

We have to save this brilliant site!

7. Keep Poptropica Running

Please keep Poptropica around and don't shut it down!

8. Down with Disney owning Club Penguin

Ever since Disney took over Club Penguin, I have been hearing complaints about how they wish Disney didn't come and change everything.

They miss being able to put up the skull and crossbones emoticon.

They miss all the hidden areas STAYING hidden and secret.

They also miss the little table and chairs by the Pizza Parlour.

9. Shut down WBC

In order to promote both the physical and mental safety and well being of the citizens of this country and the members of the Westboro Baptist Church this petition moves to legally disband the Westboro Baptist Church on the following grounds.

First, after watching the investigations conducted by several media agencies and the conduct of the members, we have determined this church to be a cult that brainwashes it's members into actions that can only be described as hate crimes.

Any non religious organization that encouraged the breaking of laws in this manner would be similarly disbanded. Thus we believe it only fair to treat them in the same manner.

Secondly, they are incestually based. This church has only the members of two families to call it's following, and does not allow members to marry outside of the church. Thus, the church is either already doomed or they will have to break the laws against marrying ones family. If they are already doomed, there is no harm in disbanding them anyhow, and if they elect to force incestual marriages then they would be disbanded on that basis. We see no reason to not nip the issue in the bud.

Thirdly, the activities required by Phelps place the children in danger. By picketing the funerals of anyone whom they can claim was killed in one way or another by 'fag enabling' they are pissing off people who are in an understandably unstable mental state, and who are likely to react violently, regardless of the presence of children.

Fourth, the church has resorted to abuse of foreign dignitaries, harassing Princess Madeleine of Sweden with degrading faxes for her country's stance against hate speeches.