Yeovil College, UK Government
United Kingdom

Yeovil College is a disgustingly failed establishment.
All they are is just a Foundation Learning Dump and whilst all the real educational foundings were failing, they considered it cool to go ahead and suddenly grab themselves a Spanish A-Level, almost just to say "See, we are OK" ???!!!

There is also a University Centre which takes up valuable space and time, giving gullible hormonal teens fake degrees!

Proving this is indeed an extremely valid Petition and that closing down Yeovil College is urgent! So come on folks, lets rally up!

The closure of Yeovil College is highly important as the staff are lying to the parents and students simply to benefit by burglarizing their time and money.

The students put in wasted effort also, not to mention how the country's much needed funding etc could be given to a higher cause.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK Government to permanently shut down Yeovil College in England Somerset, thus giving the petition's creator the power to decide what and how best to replace it...


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