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City of Biddeford
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I live next to the High School, in Biddeford, Maine. During renovations at the High School, Ledgewood Construction damaged a fence that separates my property from the High School. The School Department wanted Ledgewood Construction to replace the fence.

In order to replace the fence along my property, Ledgewood Construction Company would have to cut down 10-12 trees on my side of the fence, that had grown into the fence over the years. The Facilities Director came to my property and we negotiated a deal to allow Ledgewood Construction to cut down the trees.

The deal was, I would suffer the loss of the trees and they would put in an 8 foot stockade fence. After the trees were cut down, the fence was replaced with another chain link fence.

City of Biddeford Code; Section 53 Primary and secondary schools, fraternal organizations, and not-for-profit clubs. [Ord. No. 2001.45, 5-16-2001]
Schools, fraternal organizations and not-for-profit shall be permitted as a conditional use in accordance with the provisions below:

A. The buffers standards of this ordinance shall be met.

B. No building shall be closer than 50 feet from any property line.

C. When adjacent to residential properties, parking areas and outdoor activity areas shall be effectively screened from view by a continuous vegetative barrier, or stockade fence, not less than six feet in height.

We, the undersigned, call on the the City of Biddeford to live up to the terms of your agreement as stated above and/or replace the trees you cut down for the sake of a slightly damaged fence.

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