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Northern Ireland

For a number of years now local residents, concerned parents and local & national elected officials have been requesting DRD NI/Roads Service take action and make safe a short stretch of the Longstone Road in Annalong Co.Down leading to Moneydarragh Primary School.

Having recently returned to the the area where I grew up I was delighted to be sending my son the the local primary school I attended 30 years ago. The school is a mere 3-4 mins walk from our new home along a scenic country road but there is no footpath to allow safe travel and we are forced to walk on the actual road surface where cars pass at speed with a speed limit in place of 60Mph!

I approached the local District office for Roads Service NI and requested they trim and maintain the road side verges and bushes therein to at least allow pedestrians to use the amble space available to make the short journey to the school safely AND to allow approaching traffic a full unobstructed view of the road in both directions for both their own safety and the pedestrians.

To date Roads Service NI have refused to carry out this simple task and having lobbied several members of the local department responsible as well as local elected council members, NI Assembly members and even MP Roads Service still to date have refused to carry out the work requested. Other factors that need to be addressed beyond the simple upkeep of this short stretch of road are the urgent requirement for a footpath and speed restrictions and traffic calming measures to ensure the maximum possible safety of all road users be they pedestrians or drivers.

With this in mind please sign this petition - we have yet another site meeting with roads service scheduled of May 17th 2013 and I want to present them with this petition to pressure them into taking immediate action.

We, the undersigned, call on the Roads Service of Northern Ireland to take immediate action to ensure the safety of ALL road users of the Longstone Road in Annalong, Co.Down between the entrance/exit of Moneydarragh Primary School and the junction of the Stewarts Road.

We have 3 very simple requests:

1 - Take immediate action to trim and maintain the road side verges and bushes so drivers visibility is not impaired and pedestrians are no longer forced to walk on the road surface competing with passing traffic.

2 - Put in place a speed limit and traffic calming measures to reduce the legal speed limit in the area and to physically force the reduction of speed of road users in and around areas of concern.

3 - Extend the existing footpath system already in place out to the Entrance/Exit of Moneydarragh Primary School so pedestrians can make the journey in safety without fear of passing traffic.

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