#Children's Rights

Ever since Disney took over Club Penguin, I have been hearing complaints about how they wish Disney didn't come and change everything.

They miss being able to put up the skull and crossbones emoticon.

They miss all the hidden areas STAYING hidden and secret.

They also miss the little table and chairs by the Pizza Parlour.

These children would just like ONE MINUTE of your time to focus on them. These kids are trying to tell Disney that they want some of their Club Penguin rights back!

If someone just tries to listen you can tell, most of them are teenagers, just begging for their freedom on Club Penguin back. Club Penguin is supposed to be their get-away.

Now it is mostly just a way to bore them. They can no longer be the fun little kids, even with all the extra protection. "It is no fun anymore." said a source. Does anyone hear these poor kids?

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