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1. McSherrystown Leash Law

Whereas in greater regularity in the past several years citizens have encountered off leash dogs while walking their own pets,
and whereas several of these encounters have resulted in the citizen or their pet being put in danger or attacked.
and whereas pet owners need to be in control of their dog's while in public
as an unleashed animal, free to roam can be a danger to itself, other pets, and citizens;
and as an offleash animal darting across busy roads can cause vehicle mishaps that can result in injury or death to citizens OR to the dog in question;
it is the demand of those who have signed this petition that the governing body in question; the McSherrystown Borough Council; enact or revise it's town ordinances to require owners of any animal which may accompany them anywhere in the borough to be in control and secured by a leash.

An owner whose animal is unleashed is NOT in control of their animal no matter how well trained they claim the animal may be and as such their unleashed dog is free to react to the movements of other citizens and their pets without the owner having a means of control.
It is the responsibility of every dog owner to be in control of their pet at all times when out in public the only way to be sure that they are is for their pet to be leashed.
10 important reasons that a leash law is required:
1. It's a great good neighbor policy, preventing your dog from trespassing on
the neighbor's property during your walk. It also keeps your dog from
jumping on people you encounter, ensuring that your dog has the chance
of being properly introduced.
2. Improved companionship. A well trained and leash-obedient dog is a
pleasure to walk with.
3. Walking your pet on a leash will prevent the spread of disease. It is less
likely that your dog will be exposed to Parvo or Distemper. A leashed dog
can be restrained from sniffing the droppings of other animals.
4. A leash is commonly referred to as "Your Pet's Lifeline," protecting your
pet from traffic and unrestrained animals. Accidents or animal bites are
greatly reduced when responsible pet owners obey the leash law.
5. An obedient and well behaved dog is a positive reflection of its owner.
6. Re-locating your dog into another household is 100% easier if your dog is
obedient and leash trained.
7. It's a great way to reward your dog. Your dog will immediately respond
with a wagging tail the moment he or she sees you holding the leash.
8. It's a great identification tool, symbolizing that the dog has an owner, and
enabling someone who sees the leash and identification tag attached to
the dog's collar to find you if you and your pet should become separated.
9. It's a great relief to wildlife, keeping your dog from chasing squirrels, deer,
and other wildlife.
10.laws are in place to protect other members of the public and your pet from injury. This law is necessary for the safety of all members of our community.

2. Stop Spca from taking dogs from family

Thank you spca for comming in to my yard and taking my dog for no reason and now wanting me to pay 110$ just to get her out and it goes up 20$ a day u people are crazy u shouldnt even be here ur doing more harm for dogs than u are helping them ur not sopose to take dogs away from their home where they are loved just cause some unfit person called only cause she barked u take her away ur sopose to help dogs find homes not take them away , all i gotta say is they are frauds i shouldnt have to pay for what i already own because of them well great job spca keep taking more calls from menatly unstable people so more people can get their dogs taken away for no reason. If you feel this is wrong please sign !

3. Spay/Neuter Laws in Texarkana Needed

Each and every day without fail, at least 2 dogs are picked up from the Twin Cities of Texarkana Texas and Texarkana, Arkansas. Often, it is a mother dog with her several puppies, and often they are in terrible physical condition, lacking food and water, and many times they have been shot or otherwise physically harmed. Many times they are a traffic hazard to drivers and to themselves.

There are NO spay/neuter laws in either town and surrounding areas thus the population explosion. However, rather than responsibly care for their "pets", folks would rather take the easy way out and drive out somewhere to dump these dogs in remote areas and be rid of them. The only way the animals get help is if a concerned and compassionate citizen sees them, and puts up a call for help, usually on Facebook.

Those who do go rescue these animals are simply overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of dogs (usually) needing vet care and shelter. We are out of room and out of money. WE NEED SPAY/NEUTER LAWS WITH TEETH IN THEM TO STOP THIS EXPLOSION OF HOMELESS ANIMALS!

4. Free Porro

Porro is a beautiful friendly placid dog whom has been seized by Newquay police for allegedly nipping a PCSO of which no evidence has been seen, their were witnesses to this alleged incident whom also state their was no such occurrence. I have rung 101 every day to enquire as to my dogs welfare the response I get is "the officer in question will call you and update you" this is all the information I get. Today when I rang they informed me the officer is now on rest day's so will not be back until the 9th August which will take us to nearly 2 weeks of my dog being in kennels somewhere. Porro has never bitten anyone and has never shown signs of aggression to anyone. I am concerned that this will go to court without me being notified which then means I cannot present my evidence to protect my dog from being put to sleep......

5. New Sleeping Dogs Game

Sleeping Dogs was released 5 years ago. It is one of the best games ever created. We want to see a second installment in the series! Fans from around the globe, vote for CHANGE!

6. High Fenced Dog Park for Traralgon

This campaign is to have a high fenced Dog Park built for the Gippsland city of Traralgon. Traralgon is a large Regional city but currently has no safe area for resident's dogs to exercise and play together.

7. Save The Pups! Stop non licensed sales of puppies and dogs on facebook!

Since yard sale pages have started spreading on facebook, there has been more and more people breeding dogs to sell them on facebook pages to make profit. Most of these dogs end up abandoned. The humane societys, dog rescues and shelters are at an all time high and they are running out of space and funds, forcing them to euthanize unadopted dogs that deserve a chance at life.
It seems that today everyone is rushing to buy these "pure bred" pups on these pages for hundreds of dollars from people that doesn't even obtain a license to do so.
If we could stop facebook from allowing people to breed and sell without proof of a licence, or even stop selling dogs on facebook at all, It should increase the amount of adoptions and greatly decrease the amount of dogs being euthanized everyday.
I'm asking you to do your part, sign this petition to save lives!
I have also started a GoFundMe account, hoping to open up a new dog rescue in the Tri County area, If enough funds are not raised to do so, all donations will be equally divided and donated to the humanes society , shelters, and rescues of the Tri County area.

Can't donate? Its ok! Just the support of signing the petition and/or Shareing would make a great difference!

8. Support for dog water tap: Radnor park dog exercise area

While the humans are getting a new fountain with freshwater supply in Radnor Park, Folkestone. I am asking for your support for our four legged friends in the dog exercise area too. I am proposing an installation of a freshwater supply and tap for dog owners to use, as dogs can get quite dehydrated when socialising (especially hot days)! This could also be of great use in the winter months too (muddy paws and boots!) Please sign and show your support.
Many thanks L. Young (local dog owner)

9. Save Old Man Boro's Dog

Old Man Boro has his best friend Linda who is an 18 Month old Kelpie and they both desperately require your help! Most people who live in the Glen Eira City Council areas will know Boro and his companion Linda as they spend most days walking from Caufield to Carnegie with Linda on her leash. Linda is a lovely, friendly and well behaved dog, Linda is usually smothered with love and affection from locals when seen in the streets and when tied up outside shops. Linda loves being patted by adults and especially children and has never harmed anyone. Boro is an elderly man who lives alone with his Kelpie. His dog is all he has now and his young Kelpie provides him with that sense of safety, security and comfort, especially at night. On Friday the 10th of March whilst walking Linda as he does every day, near the Caulfield race track heading towards the dog park. Linda accidentally got loose from her lead due to pulling to hard from excitement and snuck through a big gap in a fence at the Caulfield racetrack. Boro did his best to run after her but being an old man with a young dog this was difficult for him. Boro eventually caught up to Linda where she had stopped to roll around in horse poo. The council though were concerned that Boro could have harmed a horse even though this was not the case and sadly Linda the young Kelpie was confiscated by the Glen Eira City Council and sent to the RSPCA to decide on a day to put this innocent young Kelpie down. Boro doesn't drive so the following day he used all his pensioner money to be able to get a taxi to Burwood's RSPCA to try and get his dog back only to find out when he arrived that he was not allowed to see his dog. This poor old man has been sitting at the council office every single day with a sign begging to get his dog back but they have shown no interest. Please sign this petition and share it around to stop the Glen Eira City Council from putting down innocent Linda who was only having fun and causing no harm. Help us to reunite Boro with Linda, as she is his only family and friend and Boro is lost without him.

10. **Attention DOG LOVERS **Increase Off Leash Dog Exercise Areas

As a responsible dog owner - I am starting this petition to encourage other responsible dog owners to appeal to the Ballina Shire Council - to extend the Off Leash Dog Exercise areas to include more beaches between the hours of 6am-8am.
Currently - the only areas where you are allowed to expertise your dogs off leash in the Ballina Shire are the following (only 1 beach in Lennox Head and 1 beach in Ballina):
- Bicentennial Gardens, the northern area of the reserve, Ballina
- Compton Drive, East Ballina
- Gap Road, Alstonville
- Seven Mile Beach, north of Lake Ainsworth, (old 4WD access point), Lennox Head
- Ballina Heights Estate, eastern reserve area, Ballina Heights
- Headlands Drive Drainage Reserve, Skennars Head
- The Spit, Ballina

11. Make the government pay for everyone to have a puppy

We all need a puppy.

12. Free Shelter Dogs

Instead of keeping stray dogs caged in shelters, lets set them free on a large fenced-in tract of countryside. Dog sanctuaries already exist in many spots around the world, and are a much more cost effective and humane way of housing homeless animals. We want to create one in St. Louis Missouri to act as an example of how animals can be given better lives.

13. Prevent municipalities in Lebanon from shooting stray dogs

After the heartless shooting of a stray dog in the region of Jdeideh, that had recently given birth to a number of puppies (left afterwards freezing in the streets), by a police man of the Jdeideh Bauchrieh Sed municipality, we ask the municipalities and the relative authorities to take action against this kind of procedures in Lebanon.

The systematic killing of stray dogs is a barbaric and middle-aged act that doesn't represent or reflect the opinions and views of the people. This is unacceptable, especially given the recent decision made by the North Lebanon Governor, Juge Ramzi Nohra, after his meeting with BETA, following a similar case in Tripoli, to forbid the shooting of stray dogs for all the municipalities affiliated to the North Governarate.

14. Valparaiso Public Dog Park

Valparaiso is a great place to live with a lot of wonderful attractions and businesses to offer. Our town is beautiful and full of life. One part of our lives are our fur-friends.

Valparaiso already holds a great event for our dogs, and our town is supportive of our members. Valparaiso Parks are a great part of our town, and there is room for us to improve. A safe space for our dogs to run free and mix with other dogs would be a great addition to the quality of life in our awesome town.

Since 2010 Valparaiso has understood the benefits a Dog Park can provide. We ask that this idea is implemented post haste.

15. Licence to own or breed dogs

Did you know over 300 stray dogs are found each day in the UK? Sadly over 20 are put down...that's one an hour - every single day!

If there was a law that only licensed breeders could breed dogs and all other dogs had to be neutered, there would be much less unwanted dogs.

I want to bring back the dog license &:
-License to own a dangerous dog
-License to breed dogs
-Compulsory neutering
-Training to pass to ensure only responsible people get a dog license.

Something needs to change, we need to act now to help make a 'dog's life' a good life!

Don't breed or buy while thousands die.... rescue a dog instead.

16. Allow Pitbulls in Miami-Dade

Hello, my name is Janessa I know many people have attempted but have not succeeded in bringing pitbulls back to Miami - Dade county, but I want to give it one more chance and even though I am still young.

I have a big part in my heart for animals and pitbulls are known as viscous animals and should be shot or killed but really pit bulls have big hearts they are so sweet you just need to meet one so you can see over what people call viscous, 1.2 million dogs are euthanized each year and 40% of them are pitbulls thats at least half a million pitbulls and the rest are being kept by they're loving owners despite the risk because these dogs aren't always killer dogs.

The dogs that have attacked the people were trained to fight dogs and have no idea what to do when they are loose in the streets they're use to being locked up, and they see people and react like they're gonna go back into a fighting rink and probably die in there and if they don't die in the rink they get shot by there owners, but how about the puppy's they can be trained to be a loving companion but people treat them even worst saying they will eventually kill the future people of this county but no we are killing innocent family dogs that are loved by children, elders, and adults.

We should adore them the same as any dogs trust what i am saying please help me bring them back to Miami - dade county, thank you.

17. Armadale Dog Park

There are no public enclosed, off-leash dog parks anywhere within a 20-minute drive of Armadale. The growing number and success of dog parks all over the country demonstrate that when a group of concerned and responsible dog owners work together for an enclosed off-leash dog park, not only can this concept work but it can thrive and enrich the community.

Recreational parks of all kinds increase the livability of a city and provide for a better sense of community. Therefore, we are asking the City of Armadale to approve the construction of an enclosed off-leash dog park for the following reasons:
1 There is not a current public enclosed off-leash dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities
2 The park would provide a more controlled environment for the socialisation of dogs and reduce the incidence of unwanted dog–human or dog–dog interactions
3 Socialising dogs can be beneficial to the community; the more a dog is socialised the less skittish and less aggressive they become when meeting other dogs and people
4 Regular socialisation leads to calmer, better behaved dogs
5 Many dogs need socialisation above and beyond human limitations; leashes can negatively affect a dog’s confidence when meeting other dogs and create anxieties that can lead to unpredictable behaviours
6 The park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with each other and help develop a sense of community
7 A Dog Park can be used as an opportunity by the City of Armadale to promote and educate the community on, responsible dog ownership.

18. Sloans Lake Dog Park

We are asking the City of Denver to allow the construction of a dog park for the following reasons:

- There is not a current public dog park in our area to accommodate safe, off-leash dog activities.

- Such a park would allow families with dogs to spend more quality time with their pets.

-Having such a park located in the two most unused areas of the park would promote better use of this land area and deter crime through higher foot-traffic.

- Such a park would reduce angst between dog owners, non-owners, police and park authorities regarding dog access, leash law violations and congestion.

- This park would increase opportunities for residents to interact with their neighbors and help create a sense of community.

- Many dogs need exercise above and beyond human limitations; furthermore, many dog owners do not have a yard where their dogs can spend time outside, and leashes greatly limit the dog’s space and pace.

- Socializing dogs is very beneficial to the community, since it makes them less skittish and can mitigate aggressive behavior when meeting other dogs and people.

- Regular exercise is great for any dog's longevity and weight control, and the overall effect of regular exercise makes most dogs calmer and better behaved.

Please help us create a dedicated space that allows our residents to exercise their canine family members and themselves as well as benefit the community as a whole!

If you would like to be involved in our efforts, you can email We can update you on our next steps and see how you may be able to help out.

19. Help us get Archie back home where he belongs!

On Saturday night my mum was out walking out dog Archie. Archie is a 5 year old staff cross , he was playing happily with his football when he saw a lady and man come round the corner with their dog.

Archie then ran over to play with the dog with his football the dog then went for Archie and as Archie went to pick his ball up which was in front of the couple's dog the man then went on to putting his has around and in the dog mouth so he couldn't get the ball so naturally the dog shut his mouth & the man went on to calling the police claiming Archie has bitten him! The man had four tiny dents on his hand, no blood was drawn and no skin was broken or scratched! Oh and after this happened the lady then wanted to come over a stroke the dog! If my dog meaningfully has bitten her husband you wouldn't wanna go near it!

The police come and have now taken him. Archie is the most loving dog you'll ever meet, his a big dope really his grown up around kids and babies pulling him around and winding him up& his never once posted a threat to anyone or any other animal, he loves other dogs big or small, we have a parrot who he also loves, his also been around horses, sheep and other farm animals and he loves them all his a big softy!

20. Nkomazi area needs an SPCA

It would seem that our beautiful area of South Africa has no care for its animals. We see roaming dogs on the highway.

Irresponsible breeding of animals. Farm animals in terrible conditions. Rabies outbreaks (even though the state vet vaccinates for free). Domestic animals gone feral and left to breed and try to survive in the bush. Dangerous Snares left to capture wild animals for food, these snares kill animals in the most horrendous way, being left to die while trapped, family dogs have been found killed by these snares along with the many other animals found long after death occurred. People move home, leaving their 'Pets' behind and sometimes these dogs and cats are only found when a new tenant takes occupancy of the property.

Our area has been advised that we cant have an SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), no funding available. We have a state vet, however, they don't deal with these cases. The closest SPCA is 100 km away. Our area is vast, and without an SPCA we have no where to turn when we see these acts of cruelty, it is left for a few individuals to try band together to help, however, we also do this with our own time and money.

21. Help END BSL

Hello my name is Nicola Stokes this is the evidence to support my petition:
1. Pit bulls are often judge by there breed but it's not there fault they are the ones most understood.
2.people think they are brought up to be mean but that's not true they are all brought up to love unconditional just like any other dog
3.these breeds are the most caring and compassionet breed out there
4.All they want to do is show people how much they can love
5. They are very happy and loving dogs all they want is a chace

They have so much good about these breeds but all people see are the bad just because other show them that but if u give them a chance you guys will be amazed on how much they will give a pit bull don't hate them.

22. Planning Permission for a Canine Rehabilitation, Behaviour and Training Centre in Norwich

Having been a professional in the area for the last 20 years, I have tried 3 times to set up a Dog Training Centre in industrial units with non-slippery rubber surface and management facilities to help finally settle my dog behaviour counselling and training business - give it premises -, but I got rejected.

When I realised that I would not get a planning permission for any industrial unit in the city, I purchased a land close to the A47 bypass, on Intwood Road, Cringleford - a woodlands and meadow area -, with the purpose of building a Centre for puppy / dog socialisation and training.

Currently I am applying for the Change of Use and to put a Pre Fabricated Building on the site.

The Building would be placed as a continuation of the access track, and would only take up about half an acre out of the 5 acre Meadow and Woodland area that belongs to me. So no wildlife - birds, rabbits, squirrels - will be affected, once all the services will be provided indoors.

23. Allow a Dog Park in Paulus Hook (Jersey City, NJ)

Paulus Hook is in need of a public dog park.

Currently, there is no fenced-in area for our furry friends to run freely off-leash and get the proper physical and mental exercise they need. Dog parks are particularly beneficial to urban communities because:

- exercised dogs are less likely to exhibit destructive behavior
- socialized dogs make better next door neighbors
- dogs who socialize at the park are less likely to create a nuisance or bark excessively and they learn good behaviors during these interactions

At the intersection of Washington Street and Grand Street in Paulus Hook.

- There are 4 public parks on each corner of the intersection, however 3 of the 4 parks are locked by the Historical Paulus Hook Association (HPHA) for private use
- The remaining SW park is used by the elementary school

There is a history of opposition and internal red-tape at the HPHA, with no intentions of giving up a fraction of the park layout for a dog park. Simply said, the HPHA leadership, who is openly "anti-dog" is counteracting their own mission by barring the parks from public use and enjoyment.

This is a progressive, evolving neighborhood with a growing number of dog owners who live in high-rises and seek an outdoor space for their dog(s) to play. A dog park is a great opportunity for dog owners to learn about dog policies, register their pets, and socialize them in a safe, gated environment. We ask that Mayor Steven Fulop please unlock the locked parks on the corner of Washington and Grand Streets in Paulus Hook to allow for a dog park and general public use.

24. We Want a Dog Park in Westford, MA

"A dog park is a public park, typically fenced, where people and their dogs can play together. Similarly, a dog run is a smaller fenced area, created for the same use, that is often located within an existing park. As the names imply, these places offer dogs off-leash play areas where their owners can enjoy a park-like setting and the chance to socialize with other canines and their owners. Dog parks, which are sometimes managed by park users in conjunction with city or town officials, are being established all over the country and offer a wealth of benefits to dogs, dog owners and the community as a whole."
(American Kennel Club, "Establishing a Dog Park in Your Community" 2008.)

25. Modernize City Leash Laws For Dogs

Existing code for the city specifies that dogs in public places must be kept under control on a 6-foot leash. It is believed that the code is vague concerning the types of acceptable leashes in that "or any other material" is included in the definition of a leash.

Citations have been issued by police to dog owners utilizing wireless static collars (shock collars) in place of a physical connection to their animals.

Wounded veterans and persons protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the elderly, and those having lesser physical strength than their dog are better able to control their pets using modern technologies and this petition compels the City of Scottsdale to modernize the code to include wireless control systems such as invisible fences and static control collars (aka shock collars and cintronella spray collars).

26. Fire the OPP cop who mercilessly and inhumanely killed a deaf and blind dog in Collingwood

Chris Herhalt,
Published Wednesday, October 21, 2015 11:45AM EDT, Last Updated Wednesday, October 21, 2015 12:13PM EDT

Police have confirmed that an animal that was shot and killed Monday night in Collingwood was in fact a dog and not a coyote.

Ontario Provincial Police were heavily criticized Monday after a video surfaced showing a police vehicle running over the animal, continuing down the street, turning around and running over the animal again.

In a second clip, a police cruiser is seen and a single gunshot can be heard.

An image from a video shows a police cruiser about to ram a dog in Collingwood on Oct. 19.

Resident Kelly O'Neil told CTV News Tuesday that the officer appeared to nudge the animal with its front bumper in an attempt to coax it away, before running it over.

"It just kept hanging around the vehicle and was not afraid of it at all," O'Neil said.

Police were first called to the scene by someone who reported seeing a large coyote in the area of Seventh Street, between Walnut and Oak streets, sometime around 9:30 p.m.

In a news release issued Tuesday, police said that “for the safety of the community, police had to put down this animal.”

But a resident in the area told CTV News he believed the animal that was crushed and shot was his aging, blind and deaf dog. On Wednesday, the man confirmed it was his dog that was killed.

The OPP said Wednesday they have contacted the dog’s owner and are continuing to investigate what happened.

"I think running her over was maybe a little inhumane", the dog's owner, identified as Scott, told CTV News on Tuesday.

Residents on the street are now demanding answers saying they are outraged at what they perceive to be animal cruelty.

27. Get Industry Dog Walkers Regulated

Following a recent incident in Stoke Park Woods, it has become apparent that some industry dog walkers (who get paid for their service) are putting other dog walkers, families and walkers off visiting Stoke Park Woods and other local public areas.

There have been numerous incidents of groups of large dogs jumping up at children, meaning they are now scared of dogs, and people who are often felt threatened by a large group of barking dogs, and leading to concerns of an increased danger of attacks on other pets or humans.

There have also been reports of industry dog walkers visiting other local areas, such as Knowle Park, where dog walkers arrive in two vehicles and let up to 12 dogs jump out and run off into the park uncontrolled, and Shawford Down, where a professional dog walker is letting out 15 dogs! If you are out walking your own dog this can be intimidating and frightening.

28. Request to Allow Leashed Dogs at Pompano and Deerfield Beaches

The beach is a special place where friends and family convene to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, many people are forced to leave a valuable loved one at home each time they visit the beach: Their dogs. The restriction of dogs at our beaches means that many dogs miss out on valuable exercise, socialization, and bonding time with their families and other canines.

As stated on the website of Pompano Beach, dogs are permitted on the West side of A1A - across the street from the beach. However, this forces individuals to walk their dogs in front of parking lots and condominiums with numerous cars driving in and out, rendering it hazardous to exercise there. Additionally, should families with young children choose to walk their dogs at the beach then they are prevented from enjoying the fishing pier, beautiful playground, picnic tables, and restrooms on the east side of A1A. Deerfield Beach does not allow animals at all.

This rule generates a feeling of undue stress at what should otherwise be a place of fun and enjoyment, and means that many dog-owning families spend less time at the beach, beachfront restaurants, and beachfront stores than they otherwise would.

Changing this rule will not only allow local residents and tourists to enjoy time at the beach with their leashed pets, but will significantly contribute to the mental and physical welfare of the canines in our community.

This petition will be sent to Broward County Commissioner, Chip LaMarca, who represents Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach.

29. Keep Westport Dog Grooming

Please sign my petition and keep Westport Dog Grooming Open!

As you all know, I love your dog's! I love my work and have been working with animals for over 12years. I provide a dog friendly, homely environment, working with nervous dogs, shy dogs, rescues elderly dogs, puppies and all your pets, different shapes sizes and personalities 😊

I am fully trained and have dedicated my career to working with animals for over 12 years. For the last two & half years I Have been trying to gain permission from mayo county council to keep my little business open but I am hitting a brick wall.

It's a small business but I am doing something I love and paying my bills keeping myself employed. I am providing a good honest service. I am revenue registered. Nobody has objected on this road,in fact all my neighbours fully support me. I've had no objection from environmental or veterinary sections in council.

ONE BUSINESS on this road has objected which sees me as competition. They do not live on this road. I Have lived here on this road for over 6 years. Yet the county council do not want to grant me permission to work. I have done everything in my power to work with mayo county council but they will not support my small enterprise. Now I am asking for your support.

They want to close me down. They say the road is rural? Bourkes waste is just after my house and they're are lots of small enterprise on lodge road. I cannot afford to rent a premises in town, not only would the overheads be huge, I would have to increase my prices dramatically...

Thank you for reading and for your continued support 💖💖

Aisling Noone

30. Downtown Gated Off-Leash Dog Park

The park renovation was approved in 2011 and the funding is now available for the redesign.

As residents with dogs we are requesting a gated off-leash area with separation for small and large dogs as part of the redevelopment of the park.