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The Minister of State for Trade & Industry
United Kingdom

In China dogs and cats are suffering all in the name of fur. It is estimated that 2 million cats and dogs are slaughtered each year to supply the world with fur trims, scarves, coats and even steering-wheel covers.

Not only are many animals transported in a barbaric manner and skinned whilst fully conscious, the products that end up on our high streets are often mislabelled or not labelled at all. Consequently, consumers continue to buy products assuming that they are made from fake fur. Furthermore, they have no idea that even if it was real fur that it could be sourced from cat or dog. We are sure shoppers would be appalled if they knew what they were actually spending their money on.

What is also shocking is that this is not illegal. In the UK there is as yet no ban on the import of cat and dog fur. Politicians first want proof. Getting the proof is highly expensive, costing on average £1000 to test the DNA of one garment. MEP Struan Stevenson, a long time campaigner to end the cat and dog fur trade, actually found a ‘cat in the basket’ ornament which was made from dog fur, but unfortunately during testing the toy was considered to small to act as substantial evidence.

It is terribly upsetting to realise that dog and cat lovers all over the world may unknowingly be wearing items of clothing made from the skins of dogs and cats. Help us raise awareness of this issue and ensure that this suffering is stopped.

Rt Hon Ian McCartney MP
The Minister of State for Trade & Industry
c/o Campaigns
The Mayhew Animal Home
Trenmar Gardens
NW10 6BJ

Dear Minister,

I am saddened that the import of dog and cat fur into the UK has not yet been made illegal. I urge you to help end this appalling suffering by proposing an immediate ban.

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