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Departmernt for Victorian Communities

March 17, 2006

It is well know fact dogs can bark. It is a less know fact that barking in most cases can be controlled.

Barking dogs are considered a nuisance if it disturbs neighbours sufficiently. Councils refuse to enforce the laws on nuisance barking dogs to the point they are acting inconsistently with the laws themselves.

To have a nuisance barking dog situation resolved can be near impossible with some dog owners. The law must be used to protect victims from nuisance barking dogs.

This petition is calling for the Department for Victorian Communities to enforce the Local Government Act and rule councils to abide by state laws, which is a requirement of the act. Councils requiring more than one complainant are clearly acting inconsistently with state laws and must remove this requirement immediately.

Further deterants to enforcing nuisance barking laws are the keeping of barking diaries, recommendations to contact the offending neighbour directly, attend dispute resolution sessions with a law breaker.

We are also calling for laws in relation to nuisance barking dogs be made fair so that ALL Victorians can be assured peace from nuisance barking dogs at all times. We also call for every complaint to councils to be treated as suspiciously vexatious or mischeivious. Council must prove such.

Councils must respond twenty four hours a day, every day of the year within a reasonable time (so to witness the nuisances as proof).

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