#Animal Welfare
Hammersmith and Fulham Council
United Kingdom

At The Mayhew Animal Home we are not against some form of parking controls as we have suffered the same difficulties as the local residents when trying to park our Animal Ambulances close to The Home, however we believe that we are being treated unfairly by the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham by the introduction of Controlled Parking in the area, for the following reasons:

1. The Council is classing The Mayhew as a business and charging us business rates for parking permits. We are quite clearly not a business, but a charity: A not-for-profit organisation that provides numerous services for the local community and London as a whole.

2. We are being allowed 2 permits, but on a daily basis use four vehicles: Three Animal Ambulances and one general purpose vehicle. Two permits alone will cost The Mayhew £1760.00 per year.

3. The Council have brought in a height restriction for vehicles of 2.28m. Our main Animal Ambulance, funded by supporters money and launched April last year, is ten centimetres taller than this and is being refused a permit altogether.

Dear Councillor Botterill,

With regard to the new Controlled Parking Zone around College Park, I am in favour of The Mayhew Animal Home being granted an exemption so that they may keep their four essential vehicles (including the vehicle that stands at 2.3m high) and so that they may park two of them in ambulance bays outside their premises.

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