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1. Stop The Destruction of GROL Garden

Today Someone toke their hatred and used it to start the destruction of GROL Garden in Cyprus. I was devastated when the pictures were sent to me. How could someone destroy this beautiful garden, destroy the plants, kill innocent animals, take away homes from plants, insects, animals and humans? How could someone take away jobs and the livelihood of fellow people in their own community. I am outraged by this destruction of life and need your help. Whether you are able to go to the GROL Garden in person and protest, or call the local authorities, voice your opinion online, share these petitions online, contact local news stations and newspapers, we need everyone to join as one union to stop the complete destruction of this beautiful place. If you love life, whether it be plant, insect, animal or human life, please help us by stopping this tragedy from continuing. Thank you.

2. Save the lives of the refugees on hunger strike!

Ακολουθεί το κείμενο στα Ελληνικά

According to research, Cyprus is in the 32nd worst position among 35 European countries (just above Latvia and Turkey) in respect of policies giving access to migrants and refugees to citizenship, participation in democratic life and labour mobility (MIPEX -, EUDO Citizenship - These realities, in combination with the restrictive and discriminatory policies pursued in view of the severe economic crisis plaguing the country, have led migrants and refugees to misery and despair.

Under the circumstances, the only real option left to these people is that of temporary or permanent relocation to countries where there are better opportunities for employment and integration. The residency permit granted to refugees in Cyprus now does not allow them to move and seek regular work in other European countries. The only way to exercise this right is through acquiring Cypriot citizenship. This prospect is waning as a result of the Cyprus government’s refusal to grant them citizenship (, irrespective of their years of stay in the country and even when they meet the conditions laid down by the law.

A group of recognised refugees, who are in Cyprus with their families for longer than 10 years, are on hunger strike ( in front of the UNHCR in Nicosia, asking the government and UNHCR to cooperate in granting them Cypriot citizenship or to be relocated to another country, where they and their children can live in dignity.


Η Κύπρος, σύμφωνα με τα αποτελέσματα ερευνών καταλαμβάνει την 32η χειρότερη θέση μεταξύ 35 χωρών της Ευρώπης (μόλις πιο πάνω από τη Λετονία και την Τουρκία) όσον αφορά τις πολιτικές πρόσβασης μεταναστών και προσφύγων στην υπηκοότητα, συμμετοχή στη δημοκρατική ζωή και την κινητικότητα στην αγορά εργασίας (MIPEX -, EUDO Citizenship - Οι πραγματικότητες αυτές σε συνδυασμό με τις περιοριστικές πολιτικές που ακολουθούνται, ενόψει της σοβαρής οικονομικής κρίσης που μαστίζει τη χώρα, οδήγησαν τους μετανάστες και πρόσφυγες στην εξαθλίωση και απόγνωση.

Υπό τις περιστάσεις, η μόνη ουσιαστική επιλογή για τους ανθρώπους αυτούς, είναι αυτή της προσωρινής ή και μόνιμης μετακίνησης από την Κύπρο σε χώρες όπου προσφέρονται καλύτερες ευκαιρίες απασχόλησης και ένταξης. Η άδεια διαμονής που παραχωρεί σήμερα η Κύπρος στους πρόσφυγες δεν τους επιτρέπει να μετακινηθούν και να αναζητήσουν νόμιμη εργασία σε άλλες ευρωπαϊκές χώρες. Η μόνη περίπτωση να ασκήσουν αυτό το δικαίωμα είναι μέσα από την απόκτηση της κυπριακής υπηκοότητας. Η προοπτική αυτή εξανεμίζεται λόγω άρνησης της κυβέρνηση της Κύπρου να τους παραχωρήσει υπηκοότητα ( , ανεξάρτητα από τα χρόνια παραμονής στη χώρα, ακόμη και αν πληρούν τις προϋποθέσεις που καθορίζει η νομοθεσία.

Ομάδα αναγνωρισμένων προσφύγων, οι οποίοι ευρίσκονται στην Κύπρο με τις οικογένειες τους πέραν των 10 χρόνων, έχει κατέλθει σε απεργία πείνας μπροστά από τα γραφεία της UNHCR στη Λευκωσία ( ζητώντας από την κυβέρνηση και την UNHCR να συνεργαστούν ώστε να τους παραχωρηθεί η κυπριακή υπηκοότητα ή να μετακινηθούν σε άλλη χώρα όπου να μπορούν να ζήσουν αυτοί και τα παιδιά τους με αξιοπρέπεια.

3. Koumenides Photography: convince Dino to start his own facebook page

Dino Koumenides is an excellent photographer based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

His photography has been featured in many websites, facebook pages as well as wikipedia.

4. Condemnation of Turkey's 1974 invasion of Cyprus and its on-going occupation of the North of the island

On the 20th of July 1974, Turkish troops invaded the Republic of Cyprus. Since then, 37% of the island is under Turkish occupation, with almost 200,000 Greeks of the island being displaced from their homes and 1508 people still missing. The on-going division of the island was reinforced by the 1983 illegal declaration of the occupied North of Cyprus as an independent state, the so-called “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus”, a pseudo-state only recognised by Turkey.

Part of Turkey’s attempt to ethnically cleanse Cyprus and create a Turkish protectorate in the North of the island was, and still is, the demographic alteration of the occupied North by bringing thousands of settlers from Turkey to Cyprus, a war crime they are trying to legitimise through the negotiations between the Republic of Cyprus and the leaders of the so called “TRNC”.

Στις 20 Ιουλίου 1974, Τουρκικά στρατεύματα εισέβαλαν στην Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία. Από τότε, το 37% της νήσου είναι υπό Τουρκική κατοχή, με σχεδόν 200,000 Έλληνες της Κύπρου να εκτοπίζονται από τα σπίτια τους και 1508 να είναι ακόμα αγνοούμενοι. Η συνεχιζόμενη διχοτόμηση του νησιού ενισχύθηκε το 1983 με την παράνομη ανακήρυξη των κατεχομένων εδαφών ως ανεξάρτητο κράτος, την λεγόμενη «Τουρκική Δημοκρατία της Βόρειας Κύπρου», ένα ψευδοκράτος αναγνωρισμένο μόνο από την Τουρκία.

Μέρος της προσπάθειας της Τουρκίας για εθνοκάθαρση της Κύπρου και την δημιουργεία Τουρκικού προτεκτοράτου στον Βορρά ήταν και είναι η δημογραφική αλλοίωση των κατεχoμένων με την μεταφορά χιλιάδων παράνομων εποίκων από την Τουρκία στην Κύπρο, ένα έγκλημα πολέμου το οποίο στοχεύουν να νομιμοποιήσουν μέσω των συνομιλιών μεταξύ της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας και των ηγετών του ψευδοκράτους.

5. Δώσε όλα τα λεφτά CYTA

Η CYTA επέλεξε να δώσει σε κάποια σωματεία όλο το ποσό για τα τηλεοπτικά δικαιώματα αλλά όχι στην ΣΑΛΑΜΙΝΑ.

6. Jurassic Park 3D Re-Release in Cyprus Cinemas

Cyprus biggest cinema multiplex chain, K-Cineplex, had a scheduled screening of the JURASSIC PARK 3D re-release for the week of 7th-13th of June 2013. At the last minute the showings were all canceled without an official explanation.

A number of film fans and film goers were planning to go to some of these screenings in order to relive that great expirience of watching Steven Spielberg's sci-fi adventure masterpiece for once more time on the big screen.

Others were eager to watch it in the cinema for the very first time. Fans of good cinema and JURASSIC PARK demand that the cain re-schedules the film!

7. Lets give back to Cyprus 2013

Cypriot lawmakers rejected the unprecedented levy on bank deposits in an effort to protect the rights of the people who entrusted it throughout the years.

The time is now for Cypriots to show that together they can succeed and that when people stand united even the most difficult situations can be overcome.

Cypriot people will not remain impassive! Let's create a list of people who want to give back to Cyprus! Let's move words into action!

Depending on the level of response we will ask the Central Bank of Cyprus to open an account for every willing person to contribute. Every single cent counts!

8. Support the right to live for stray dogs in Cyprus

The Cypriot parliament passed legislation which allows euthanasia of stray animals.

This is against the right to live and we demand that the parliament terminate this law since it is AGAINST THE RIGHT TO LIFE.

9. Support Aphrodites Rock Brewing Company

We would like to introduce you to Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company….

We are a small family run business with big potential on the European island of Cyprus. We have always had a strong interest in 'real ales'. In 2010, after many years of research and promises of support by the Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency, we took a huge step and moved to Cyprus from the UK.

We wanted to follow our dreams and bring a boost to all Cyprus residents and to Cyprus tourism by developing a new brewery to produce the highest quality, traditional, hand crafted 'real ales' to be served throughout the island. We will be only the third brewery on the island standing alongside or, as it now seems, up against the goliaths of Keo and Carlsberg. Ironically we don't see ourselves as a threat to these companies but more of a benefit as we expect they will see a net increase in sales as we actively work to generate more tourism to the island. We will just be taking a slice of the bigger pie that we will generate.

Our premises are in an old winery in the beautiful village of Tsada set picturesquely in the hills above Paphos and from here we are immediately ready to start brewing our 7 exclusive “Island Beers” range. We have been working tirelessly to make our dreams come true and to bring some long awaited variety, flavour, colour and character to all beer drinkers in Cyprus and to create some much needed employment, training and growth to the country in general and, in particular, to the suffering rural areas.

We did however underestimate just how difficult the Cyprus government would, for whatever reason (and many people have suggested reasons), make this for us and we admittedly underestimated the extent of the unnecessary obstacles that would be put in our way.

As all who know us are aware, we have for nearly 2 years been standing our ground and patiently rising up to every new challenge put in our way. Despite all the attempts we will fight these injustices. We will not allow ourselves to be driven away and we will brew in Cyprus but this determination has cost us dearly and is taking its financial and emotional toll on us all.

We just want to be given a chance without all the attempts to crush us before we even get out of the starting blocks.

We are asking members of the public, Cypriot residents, tourists and 'real ale' lovers of the world to join our fight and support us in our endeavour to bring Aphrodite’s Rock Brewing Company’s unique flavours to life and hopefully to Cyprus in the very near future so we will all be able to “Taste the Flavour”!


We are writing concerning the trip that you organize to Turkey and then Cyprus (June 1-15, 2012), entitled “Sailing with Paul in the Mediterranean”.

It appears from the documentation that we have seen that you may not be aware of certain facts that are important to bring to your attention. The reference to “Northern Cyprus” constitutes, in fact, the area of Cyprus under Turkish military occupation since 1974. It is recalled that the secessionist entity in the occupied areas of Cyprus was condemned by the United Nations Security Council, in its resolutions 541 (1983) and 550 (1984), as “legally invalid” and is not recognized by any international organization or country, other than Turkey which is the occupying power.

Furthermore, we wish to respectfully bring to your attention that the airport through which you intend to arrive in Cyprus has been declared by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus as an illegal point of entry into and exit from the Republic. The legal points of entry into the Republic of Cyprus to which visitors should use are Larnaka and Paphos airports and the ports of Larnaka and Lemesos.

Moreover, this illegal airport is not recognized by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and its illegal operation causes serious risks to flight safety in the region.

It is also important to stress that this illegal airport is located on property belonging to a significant number of Greek Cypriot refugees who were forcibly expelled from the property by the invasion forces in 1974.

These refugees remain the legal owners of their properties, as it has been confirmed by numerous relevant Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights, and have not consented to the construction of the illegal airport.

Furthermore, the organization of such a trip by an archaeological society is particularly offensive to the local and international community of archaeologists working in Cyprus, due to the destructive consequences that the Turkish occupation has caused to the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the island.

In the occupied area, archaeological sites and monuments, including churches, have suffered severe destruction and violation, museums have been looted and destroyed, and antiquities continue to be illegally exported.


On February 15 the Cabinet of Ministers voted in favor of ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement).
According to the cypriot laws, it is possible for a decision of the Cabinet of Ministers to change if the Ministers propose a similar position, on the same subject. So we want them to propose a NO to ACTA decision.

If not then it will have to go to the parliament. There we call all MPs to VOTE NO to ACTA!

ACTA has not yet been voted in the European Parliament. It will be re-discussed at INTA committee at the end of April and May and then voted on the plenary of the European Parliament on June.
We call the MEPs of Cyprus to vote NO to ACTA!
We have time stop it!

Spread the word! Collect as many signatures as possible! Join our STOP ACTA campaign!

12. I'm an animal loving tourist - I think?

Did you know that before and after the European tourist season, governments clean the streets from cats and dogs in, for example: Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Turkey?

Many animals are poisoned and die a very painful death, others are beaten to death, or hanged and strangled. Many are hit by cars and left to die.

Some end up in horrible captivity where life is frightening and tormenting, and many die of disease or starvation. Enclosures in these countries are hot in summer and cold in winter. The animals die from heat stroke or freeze to death. The country and the business sector does not want that these animals disturb the good impression of their country and affect tourism negatively.

None of these countries have made efforts to curb the stray animal population by neutering campaigns, or information about neutering to the public. Instead, these countries chose to poison or otherwise get rid of their abandoned, unwanted companion animals. Never or rarely do they punish someone for abuse or murder of animals. These countries are making a strict difference between an animal with an owner and an abandoned animal. In these countries, an abandoned animal can be treated as badly as you like and in many eyes they are seen as unwanted debris that disrupts the community.

Some of these countries still enjoy the torture of bulls during bullfights and have a variety of traditions in which animals are involved and tormented. In all these countries, dogs are used for hunting. These dogs are treated very badly and starvation to death is common between the hunting seasons. They are often killed or abandoned after a bad game.

13. Enshrine Animal Rights In Cyprus

animal cruelty

We, the undersigned, call on the Cyprus Government to eliminate Animal Abuse and Cruelty. We also call on the Government to create laws to support Animal Rights in our Country. Animal Police is one of our major demands.


Εμείς, οι υπογεγραμμένοι, καλούμε την Κυπριακή Κυβέρνηση να αποβάλει την κακομεταχείρηση των ζώων από τη χώρα μας. Επίσης, καλούμε την Κυβέρνηση να πάρει δραστικά μέτρα και να δημιουργίσει νόμους εναντίον όσων δεν σέβονται τα Δικαιώματα των Ζώων. Η δημιουργία Αστυνομίας Ζώων είναι μια από τις κύριες απαιτήσεις μας.

animal abuse

14. Solve the Cyprus Mortgage and Money Crisis

Despite residential (or NON-residential now, as the case may be!!) local, and international awareness, nothing is being done about the crisis affecting integration, tourism, livelihood, financial security, accommodation, and properties - to name but a few - in Cyprus.

The collapse of the housing market and lending schemes has left many people- mainly British ex-pats homeless, or/and in financial turmoil.

All the initial promises of a better life in Cyprus have been quashed under the continuation of the decline or even stability in prosperity. The fact that this has been a slow and arduous event has resulted in a sever lack of interest and too much confusion from people.

These are people that invested in Cyprus, through buying property here, hence advocating the positive aspects of the country to tourists, businesses and residents. The already tarnished reputation of living in Cyprus, is getting worse.

What happened to the word 'union' in 'European Union'? When did financial instability result in good people losing their home, pride and life? Why is it that those who are of the norm financially are left to fight their own small yet significant battles?

The blame can be pointed to many things, the Swiss Franc, the exchange rate, the Euro or the lack of attention to detail made by the homeowner, or the false promises of the lenders? (we could go on) yet this lottery of options only ferments the fact that people are financially crippled.

How can you help save, protect and remedy a whole country's monetary mistakes - E.G Greece, when you're unable or unwilling to aid the average person, who through no fault of their own are being punished.

Countless people who have worked hard all their lives, and sold everything to reside in Cyprus had previously extended and expressed their passion for Cyprus, the policies and people encouraging others to visit and spend money. Little did they know that sooner or later their mortgage would double, the price of food would become extortionate, and their once thriving happy village would become a very sad place; full of derelict businesses, houses, and melancholy pessimistic frustrated people.

In short, this economic situation needs to be resolved. Are you going to help thousands from losing everything including their house and dignity before
its much too late?

15. End The Isolation of Turkish Cypriots

Turkish Cypriots have been denied their basic human rights in the form of embargoes placed on them since at least 1963.

* Less than three years after Cyprus gained independence in 1960, the power sharing agreement between Greek and Turkish Cypriots broke down
and Turkish Cypriots were forced to live in enclaves which represented approx 3% of the island

* After a further 10 years of being subjected to abuse of their human rights and the threat of a Greek led coup attempting to unite Cyprus with Greece in 1974, Turkey came to the rescue of Turkish Cypriots and exercised their rights as one of the Guarantors of Cyprus and intervened.

* Since then, the Turkish Cypriots have had to deal with being held under the embargo of the Greek Cypriots who have been able to rebuild their lives without restriction since 1974.

* In 2004 The Annan Plan was an attempt to reunify the island, 65% of Turkish Cypriots voted for the plan and 76% of Greek Cypriots voted against. Turkish Cypriots were promised by the international community (EU, USA & UN) that they would be rewarded for voting for the plan as it demonstrated their desire to reunify Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots are still waiting for the world to make good on these promises!! The embargoes still stand today and this is unacceptable.

* The fact that these embargoes are still in place today is not conducive to the reconciliation of Cyprus and lifting them would pave the way for better communication between the people of Cyprus.

16. Demand Protection for Victims & Witnesses of Police Attack on Iranian & Other Refugees in Cyprus

On Tuesday, 12 July, 2011, approximately 35 police officers and other Cypriot authorities violently assaulted a group of Iranian and other refugees held in Larnaca detention center for migration-related issues (e.g., expired visa).

During the attack, the Cypriot authorities threatened the refugees with handguns. They used batons and brass knuckles to brutally beat the refugees, including an elderly 72-year old asylum-seeker, who was transferred to solitary confinement after the beatings. He, along with his family, was deported to Iran in the following days. One asylum-seeker who reported a broken leg first received medical treatment 10 days after the attacks.

Neither the government of Cyprus nor the UNHCR has taken any substantive action with regard to these illegal attacks on defenseless detainees held for migration-related reasons, leaving it to an "investigation" to determine what happened, while detained refugees remain at the mercy of those who beat them.

Meanwhile, the Cypriot government, which flagrantly violates fundamental human rights, expects to assume the Presidency of the European Union in 2012.

More about the case can be read here, including a signed complaint by some of the affected asylum-seekers.

Video clip of the injuries sustained by 2 of the detained asylum-seekers can be seen here (English translation appears below the video clips on youtube):
VIDEO 1 and VIDEO 2.

17. Geothermal Project in Cyprus

To whom it may concern,

The need for clean, renewable, alternative energy is a matter all governments need to be concerned with for a number of reasons, including: (1) unpredictable fuel prices; (2) diminishing fossil fuel resources; (3) growing concern about environmental degradation and global warming, and (4) eliminating dependence on foreign oil.

The problem with many of the renewable choices is that they are extremely costly (as with Hydro plants and nuclear facilities) are NOT base load technologies (they cannot produce electricity 24 hours a day / every day as is the problem with wind and solar) and cannot substitute for existing fossil based facilities. Geothermal is the choice for the future and many governments have turned their R & D budgets to investing in this “best choice” alternative energy systems.

In the aftermath of the recent disaster in Mari, we are presented with an opportunity to change the future of renewable energy in Cyprus. Now is the time for Cyprus to promote a shift to renewable energy that is crucial not only to mitigate the crippling economic effects of the disaster, but also to guarantee energy supply in the face of political threats, price volatility and other risks and to comply with existing and widening European regulation to limit carbon emissions. Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, needs to generate 20% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.

This is a private initiative and receives no funding from the Cyprus government. However, we welcome everyone and I mean everyone, including the Cyprus government, to participate from the ground up in a groundbreaking project that will help our country to meet and exceed the EU’s target of 20% for renewable energy. We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer Cyprus by making wiser energy choices.

We have everything we need to build an initial 110MW power plant which will be the first ever geothermal power plant in Cyprus. Our engineers are ready to start work, two drilling rigs have already been located, and all we are waiting for is the license from the Cyprus government and the necessary approval from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. We are not asking for any subsidies, tax credits or any other kind of financial assistance. All we are asking for is two legal documents; the license and approval from the Cyprus government to let us help Cyprus build a sizeable geothermal power station.

There are NO environmental impacts as there is NO burning of fuel, NO hydrofracking, NO emissions and NO Carbon footprint. There is absolutely NOTHING negative in the geothermal system to affect the environment.

Regarding safety, there are NO moving parts underground, simply a closed loop piping system. Also, generators use low temperature fluids and not high pressure steam so above ground is safe. There is NO combustion process as there are with coal and other fossil fuels so there is NO safety risk at ALL.

Please sign this petition and help us to expedite things.

18. PETITION to Boycott Celebrity Performers in Illegally Occupied Cyprus

On July 20th, 1974, the country of Turkey secretly invaded the Island of Cyprus. Severing the northern side from the south, re-locating tens of thousands of Greek Cypriots out of and off of their homes and lands, the Turkish government, through military force, engaged in the criminal act of systematically cleansing the Northern region of Cyprus and illegally seizing control of properties.

This "pseudo-state" is not recognised by anyone worldwide, not the EU, not the UN, and the reason they are trying to bring these artists is to provide them with some kind of recognition.

It is unrecognised for their refusal to commit to the endorsement of Human Rights and to adhere to the recommendations of the UN.

Many cases have been brought to the European Court of Human Rights, and many refugees have been awarded millions of euros as reimbursement for the Illegal Use of their land.

We DO NOT ask the support of the entertainment industry in joining our political movement toward HUMAN RIGHTS.

We DO, however, DEMAND that the entertainment industry not cloud our movement with their rich and famous performers.

Why is this petition so necessary?
Because our concerns of the ongoing and unresolved criminal status of the unrecognized TRNC is being stifled as they are trying to use these celebrities as propaganda to assuage any international uneasiness of these regional differences.

These celebrities are not fully disclosed about the property theft, the ongoing law suits, nor the suffrage the region has been going through.

They are duped into believing that everything is okay, and everything clearly is not okay.

This territory is ILLEGALLY OCCUPIED and until the matter is UNANIMOUSLY resolve and these resolutions are endorsed and adopted by the EU and the UN, celebrities should not perform in presently OCCUPIED CYPRUS.

19. Supernatural Convention in Cyprus

YEAH!!!!!!!! <3 <3

20. Να διακοπεί ΑΜΕΣΩΣ ο 'διαλογος' με τον εγκάθετο της κατοχής! STOP THE DIALOGUE NOW!

(βασική αρχή διαλόγου- υποτιθέμενη έξοδος διαφυγής)

Κυρίες και Κύριοι, αυτό είναι το βασικό κόλπο που ανέκαθεν χρησιμοποιεί ο ΟΗΕ για να εγκλωβίσει την Ελληνοκυπριακή πλευρά σε καταστροφικές υποχωρήσεις. Όπως όλα τα πράγματα, έτσι και ο ‘διακοινοτικός διάλογος’ πρέπει να κριθεί και αυτός εκ του αποτελέσματος. Η ιστορία του διαλόγου δείχνει πως απλά οι υποχωρήσεις της πλευράς μας ΠΑΝΤΑ μένουν στο τραπέζι, ενώ η Τουρκία ΔΕΝ τήρησε ποτέ τις δεσμέυσεις της, όπως, την Συμφωνία της 3ης Βιέννης, την συμφωνία για διάνοιξη της Λήδρας και του Λιμνίτη, τις αμέτρητες ‘Συμφωνίες αποστρατιωτικοποιήσης’ και τα ΜΟΕ πλησίον της νεκρής ζώνης’, κλπ.

Το Ιστορικό:
Η Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία σύρθηκε στον διακοινοτικό 'διάλογο' - παγίδα μετά από τις 'διακοινοτικές' ταραχές του '63-'64 και τον βομβαρδισμό της Τυλληρίας από την Τουρκική Αεροπορία, βασικά με το πιστόλι στον κρόταφο. Κατά τη διάρκεια του διαλόγου η Τουρκία σχεδόν πάντα απειλούσε με εισβολή, ενώ εμείς διαχρονικά συνομιλούμε από τη θέση του αδυνάμου.

Η όλη ιστορία του 'διακοινοτικού' διαλόγου μεταξύ των αντιπροσώπων των δύο κοινοτήτων μας δείχνει πως ο διάλογοςδεν είναι τίποτα άλλο παρά ένα τέχνασμα, ΜΙΑ ΠΑΓΙΔΑ δια μέσου ή για χάριν της οποίας η Ελληνοκυπριακή πλευρά σύρεται σε ΚΑΤΑΣΤΡΟΦΙΚΕΣ υποχωρήσεις αφήνοντας πίσω πανανθρώπινες αξίες και διεθνείς καταδίκες της Τουρκίας ΑΝΕΚΜΕΤΑΛΛΕΥΤΕΣ (όπως την 4η Διακρατική καταδικαστική απόφαση του 2001) και προσχωρόντας όλο και περισσότερο στις Τουρκικές θέσεις όπως:

1. Την Εκ περιτροπής Προεδρία. (Τουρκική θέση το 1974)
2. Την Στάθμιση των Ψήφων των Ελληνοκυπρίων (82%) με αυτήν των Τουρκοκυπρίων (18%)
3. Την Διζωνική Δικοινοτική Ομοσπονδία. (Τουρκική θέση το 1977)
4. Την ΑΠΟΣΤΡΑΤΙΩΤΙΚΟΠΟΙΗΣΗ της Κύπρου (πάγιο Τουρκο-Βρετανικό αίτημα).
5. Την κατηγοριοποίηση των κλεμμένων μας περιουσιών στα κατεχόμενα.
6. Τις Τουρκικές Εγγυήσεις υπό προϋποθέσεις, ακόμη και επί ολόκληρης της Κύπρου.
7. Τις ξεχωριστές οικονομίες του νέου Μορφώματος (την οικονομική δηλαδή υποδούλωση των Ελλήνων της Κύπρου στην Τουρκία), κλπ.

Μπορεί οι διάφοροι καλοθελητές της ΄Τουρκίας να μιλούν για ‘θετικό κλίμα’ όμως το γεγονός παραμένει ένα. Δια μέσου του ‘διαλόγου’ από ΑΝΕΞΑΡΤΗΤΟ ΚΑΙ ΚΥΡΙΑΡΧΟ ΚΡΑΤΟΣ με μια Τουρκική μειονότητα το 1963, καταντήσαμε σήμερα να συζητάμε λίγο πολύ για ΕΝΩΣΗ με την ΤΟΥΡΚΙΑ δια μέσου του ‘Τουρκοκυπριακού Συνιστώντος Κράτους’ του κυοφορούμενου νέου ΣΥΝΟΜΟΣΠΟΝΔΙΑΚΟΥ συνεταιρισμού.

Μετά την ένταξη μας στην Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση, ΕΠΙΒΑΛΛΕΤΑΙ ΠΛΕΟΝ να αξιώσουμε την διακοπή του ΚΑΤΑΣΤΡΟΦΙΚΟΥ 'διαλόγου' και να αποτολμήσουμε πραγματικό διάλογο με την κατοχική Τουρκία, πάντα με βάση το Ευρωπαϊκό Κεκτημένο και τα πανανθρώπινα δικαιώματα όπως τη βασική αρχή της δημοκρατίας, 1 άνθρωπος= 1 ψήφος. Η ευκαιρία που μας παρουσιάζεται με την απόφαση του ΕΔΑΔ (υπόθεση Δημόπουλου) όπου η Τουρκία για πρώτη φορά αναλαμβάνει την ευθύνη για τους ‘θεσμούς’ του ψευδοκράτους, όπως επίσης και η οικονομική κρίση που κτύπησε την Ελλάδα, είναι μοναδική. Διαφορετικά εμμένοντας στις παρούσες συνομιλίες θα αυτο-εγκλωβιστούμε σε μια καταστροφικά ατέρμωνη διαδικασία τη στιγμή που η Τουρκία θα έχει ΑΠΟΕΝΟΧΟΠΟΙΗΘΕΙ ΕΝΤΕΛΩΣ.

Η μόνη πίεση που μπορούμε να βάλουμε πάνω στην Τουρκία, είναι δια μέσου της ενταξιακής της πορείας στην Ε.Ε. Οι Αμερικάνοι και οι Βρετανοί βάλθηκαν να εντάξουν την Τουρκία στην Ε.Ε, γι’ αυτό ας χρησιμοποιήσουμε επιτέλους το μοναδικό μας αυτό όπλο. Αυτό είναι και το μοναδικό μας χαρτί, αν το κάψουμε και αυτό, είμαστε ΤΕΛΕΙΩΜΕΝΟΙ. Η Τουρκία είναι ο πραγματικός ΕΝΟΧΟΣ για τα εγκλήματα εναντίον του λαού μας. Ας πάψουμε επιτέλους να την ΑΠOΕΝΟΧΟΠΟΙΟΥΜΕ για χάρην του 'Θετικού κλίματος' στις συνομιλίες παγίδα.

Η πολιτική του 'καλού παιδιού' πρέπει να σταματήσει, ειδικά τώρα που η Ελλάδα δεν είναι σε θέση καν να προστατεύσει τα δικά της συμφέροντα. Δεν θα επιτρέψουμε να θυσιαστεί (ξανά) η Κύπρος στο όνομα της ‘ομαλοποίησης των ΕλληνοΤουρκικών σχέσεων’.

Σας ευχαριστούμε για την υπογραφή σας,


Σχετικά άρθρα στον πιο κάτω σύνδεσμο:

English text:


This principle, is used by Cypriot politicians and the U.N as a way to achieve 'progress' in the negotiations. In reality all the concessions given by the Greek side to create this 'progress' are NEVER withdrawn from the table. At the beginning of every new stage in the process, the two sides always start from the point last reached.

The Greek Cypriots were drawn into the 'bi-communal dialogue' after the Turkish Cypriot revolt in 1964 and the Turkish invasion of 1974, and have since then negotiated as the weak part.

This whole process of 'discussing' the Cyprus Problem with the Turkish Cypriots (on behalf of Turkey) has lasted over 45 years and now looking back, we can safely say that it has been nothing more than a trap. All the concessions given by the Greek side to the Turks during this process, have been met each time with an even harder line that shows Turkey's lack of interest in solving the Cyprus problem. As many now acknowledge the aim of Turkey has been the control of the Republic of Cyprus and, at a later stage, the full take-over of the island.

Here are just some examples of the Turkish positions conceded to by our politicians.

1. Alternating presidency. (A Turkish proposal from ’74)
2. The 'weighted vote'! where 16 Greek votes will be
equal to 1 Turkish vote during the elections for the Turkish president of the new 'unified' state.
3. The 'bi-zonal , bi-communal Federation'.(Turkish proposal from ’77)
4. ‘Demilitarization’ of the Republic of Cyprus, for ever!
5. Re-categorization of our stolen properties in the occupied land, so that in reality only a few legal owners will get their homes back.
6. The continuation of Turkey as a ‘guarantor power’
in some way.
7. Separate economies and FIR for the new ‘unified’ entity.

The above concessions jeopardise the existence of Greek-Cypriots in Cyprus, and are a recipe for future troubles.

It is now time we took advantage of our position within the E.U. The so-called 'negotiations' must stop before we reach the ‘point of no return’ for the Greeks of Cyprus. The ‘negotiations’ must be replaced with a new, direct process between Cyprus and Turkey. If we continue wasting all our efforts on the existing process, the end result will be disastrous.

Our place in the E.U can provide prosperity for both Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Any new political experiment restricting our democratic right of ‘One man - One vote’ is bound to collapse.

With Greece in its worst economic crisis ever, we now have an even stronger reason to STOP the negotiations. Rather than a supporting ally Greece has become our 'Achilles heel'. According to recently leaked 'top secret' UN documents, we now know that the negotiations are a done deal. By staying a day longer, we play into the hands of the Turkish occupying force and all those eager to close the Cyprus issue.

To end this sham, please sign now.


21. One Cyprus

Cyprus is a small country and a member of the EU. Two fifths of the island are populated by over 50,000 Turkish troops which is the basis of the division on the Island. Over the last 5 to 10 years all the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been working hard and unceasingly to show the world they are one people and wish to live together in peace and harmony.

However until a few months ago very little news of this has reached the media in the outside world. Now, in a changing world we see the EU, America and the UN speaking out in favor of Cypriot unification. Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General UN) said; "As I walked down Ledra street people from both communities began chanting- 'Solution NOW Solution NOW!'"

In addition, in the EU Parliament a resolution was passed on the 10th February, calling on Turkey to immediately begin withdrawing her troops from North Cyprus, to give back the closed part of Famagusta to the Republic of Cyprus and to address the issue of over 200,000 settlers form mainland Turkey who have been moved into North Cyprus. We feel that time is running out for a solution and to echo the voices of all the hopeful Cypriots; "The time for a solution is NOW!"

22. Leave The Man In The Mirror Alone

Ian Halperin keeps saying disgusting lies about Michael Jackson. He wrote a book and he says that Michael was homosexual and he was enganged with someone (a man)...

We gotta stop these lies we know that these are lies and that disgusting Ian doing this for money... We gotta do something for Michael! They gotta stop insulting him with these lies!


23. The British Government to Play a More Active Role in the Reunification of Cyprus

The year 2008 marks forty-eight years since the birth of the Republic of Cyprus. For thirty-four of those years, the island and its people have been divided as a result of Turkey's invasion in 1974. The military aggression against Cyprus continues unabated to this date in the form of military occupation, forcible division, and violation of human rights, massive colonization, cultural destruction, property usurpation and ethnic segregation.

A member state of the United Nations and the European Union today, Cyprus continues to be victim of unabashed international aggression by Turkey, a member of the UN and aspiring member of the EU. This is an insult to international legal order and a constant threat to regional stability.

The horrifying and blood-curdling ramifications of this attack are constantly down-played by the UK and US governments, and ridiculed and mocked by Turkey and Turkish nationals.

A report by the European Commission of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, found Turkey guilty of gross violations of human rights in Cyprus throughout the invasion and subsequent occupation.

1. 37 percent of the Republic of Cyprus currently under occupation.

2. 200,000 Greek Cypriots – approximately on quarter of the total population were forcibly expelled from the occupied northern territories of the island where they constituted approximately 70 percent of the population. They are still prevented the right to return and reclaim their homes and properties. Turkish Cypriots who lived in the free areas were moved by the Turkish Cypriot leadership to the occupied area.

3. 1,474 missing persons, including hundreds of civilians are still missing. Turkey refuses to co-operate in ascertaining their fate, despite photographic evidence showing many missing persons captured by the Turkish military.

4. Approximately 500 Greek and Maronite Cypriots enclaved in their villages in the occupied area are still living under oppressive conditions under deprivation and intimidation.

5. At the end of 1974 20,000 enclaved people remained in the occupied area. Following intimidation and harrassment they were forced to abandon their homes by the illegal regime, becoming refugees.

6. 43,000 Turkish occupation soldiers, equipped with modern weaponry, supported by the Turkish air force and navy are illegally stationed in the occupied area.

7. 162,000 colonists from Turkey have been imported illegally to colonise the occupied area in order to alter the demographic structure of the island.

8. 58,000 Turkish Cypriots have emigrated from the occupied area since the Turkish invasion according to Turkish Cypriots sources because of the social, moral and economic decline prevalent there.

Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Markos Kyprianou had a two day visit to London this week, during which time he engaged in much discussion with David Milliband and Caroline Flint. The outcome of these talks were, as usual, vague and apparently ineffectual.

24. No to The Amendments Of The Anan Plan

Five years have passed since the showdown between the Greek Cypriot people and their History of more than three thousand years. This showdown resulted in 76% of the population to reject the dichotomy proposed by the Anan plan, a plan of foreign inception and partly of Greek acceptance, and as such with their vote save the Republic of Cyprus, signify their refusal to self-endorse their own condemnation and refuse to encumber their own future and the future of the next generations.

With their historic “NO”, the Greek Cypriot people denied the incomprehensible monstrosity that is contrary to the well accepted principles that apply to all free, democratic and well governed states in the 21st century, and which plan:

Was contrary to the UN’s spirit, resolutions and decisions relating to the invasion and continuous occupation of northern Cyprus by the Turkish military.

Ignored International Conventions concerning human rights and the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights condemning Turkey.

It attempted to cause the deprivation of the European vested rights of the citizens of a state that fulfilled all criteria of entry in the European Union exactly on the eve of its full acceptance in the European family.

Attempted to dissolve the Republic of Cyprus.

Today, on the 5th anniversary of the Referendum...

25. Where is freedom of speech in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus?

Open letter from the Community of Global Defenders of Truth, Justice, Peace and Tolerance:

The modern world is crying with blood and tears for a universal and sincere recognition of these values. Are not these values enshrined in the Holy Quran and the teachings of our beloved Prophet (saw)?

Over the last 50 years (half a century!) no single human being has supported and defended these values more ardently than the Most Venerable Sheikh ul Islam Muhammed Nazim Adil Haqqani.

He was born in Cyprus and brought up and educated in a great tradition of learning and practice by some of the greatest saintly scholars of Islam, in the last century. In his mission to serve the Almighty Allah Ta'ala, Sheikh Nazim has traveled the world to communicate the message of Truth from the shores of California in the west to those of Japan in the east, and from the confines of the Caucasus in the North to the perimeter of the southern seas in South Africa. His 25 years (1975-2000)of observance of the holy fasting month of Ramadan in Britain, the nightly celebration of Teravih prayers in London, and endless weeks of lecturing, advice and support to countless number of adherents to the faith of Islam, and to non-Muslims, are all testimony to a remarkable life dedicated to preaching Truth, Justice, Peace and Tolerance.

Having now returned to his native Cyprus he continues to dedicate whatever remains of his life to serving the cause of Allah Ta'ala as before. Recent events in TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) regarding the harassment of Sheikh Nazim are deplorable to say the least. His weekly newsletter- one sided A4 printout, 40-50 in number- has worried the TRNC police (in TRNC police forces are under the military forces of mainland Turkey and not the local government minister) so much so that they confiscated a computer on 22-03-2006 and they are now running a full scale investigation which will lead to the prosecution of Sheikh Nazim for allegedly acting against the TRNC!

The message given out in Sheikh Nazim's leaflets do not carry any material that threatens national security or is inflammatory and likely to produce an upheaval. They are simple guidance calling on all people to recognize their creator and not to neglect their duty to Him. The forces responsible for this unfortunate behavior are acting independently of the democratic government of the TRNC.

The government of the TRNC is democratically elected and the whole world has followed with intent the evolution of democracy on mainland Turkey and the TRNC. It is a great credit to the people of these lands that they act as a beacon of democracy to the rest of the Muslim world, which is at present caught up in the throes of change.

The personality and standing of Sheikh Nazim is undoubtedly linked to the march towards freedom and peace of this important geographical and strategic region of the globe. It is sad to note that those who want to hamper this natural evolution of events leading to the welfare and prosperity of society misunderstand the essence of Sheikh Nazim's message.

After more than a century of official atheism, crass materialism, capitalism -you name it- human society across the world inspite of severe dislocations to- day seem to be poised to recognize the role of his creator in his worldly affairs. Many heads of state and government across the world do not hesitate to express publicly their belief in and worship of God.

The message of Sheikh Nazim is pure and simple, namely : Acknowledge Allah Ta'ala as your creator and Master first and the rest will follow. Let government and society show allegiance to the Lord Almighty- the fall out of a sincere and genuine faith in Him can but lead to peace, prosperity and happiness not only in this physical world but most importantly in the next world after death.

No amount of improvement in economic, scientific and technological progress etc is likely to bring peace to a world in dire need of it when this important criterion of Belief in Allah Ta'ala is missing in human affairs.

Sheikh Nazim is highly respected by both governments on the island of Cyprus as an exponent for peace. His role in the last referendum for unification of Cyprus was crucial in enabling the TRNC to project a worldwide and unique image of tolerance. This tolerance in fact is a national characteristic of the TRNC people.

We call on the police and the Turkish military presence in the TRNC to reconsider their position in the light above. May Allah Ta'ala help them to do so.

This open letter is being sent to President and Prime Minister of TRNC, the UN Secretary General and also being supported as a petition on the web site

President of TRNC fax:+90(392) 227 22 52
Prime Minister of TRNC e mail : fax : +90(392) 227 72 25