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Mr Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General, The United Nations

Cyprus is a small country and a member of the EU. Two fifths of the island are populated by over 50,000 Turkish troops which is the basis of the division on the Island. Over the last 5 to 10 years all the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been working hard and unceasingly to show the world they are one people and wish to live together in peace and harmony.

However until a few months ago very little news of this has reached the media in the outside world. Now, in a changing world we see the EU, America and the UN speaking out in favor of Cypriot unification. Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General UN) said; "As I walked down Ledra street people from both communities began chanting- 'Solution NOW Solution NOW!'"

In addition, in the EU Parliament a resolution was passed on the 10th February, calling on Turkey to immediately begin withdrawing her troops from North Cyprus, to give back the closed part of Famagusta to the Republic of Cyprus and to address the issue of over 200,000 settlers form mainland Turkey who have been moved into North Cyprus. We feel that time is running out for a solution and to echo the voices of all the hopeful Cypriots; "The time for a solution is NOW!"

Dear Ban Ki-moon,

We of the International Community call on you to explicitly express your support for the requirement of the recent EU Resolution that Turkey (a non-permanent member of the Security Council) should facilitate a suitable climate for negotiations by immediately starting to withdraw her forces from Cyprus, by addressing the issue of the settlement of Turkish citizens on the Island and also by enabling the return of the sealed off section of Famagusta to its lawful inhabitants in compliance with Resolution 550 (1984) of the United Nations Security Council. This is in accordance with the recent European Union resolution which reiterates previous UN resolutions, which have called on Turkey to do this.

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