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To whom it may concern,

The need for clean, renewable, alternative energy is a matter all governments need to be concerned with for a number of reasons, including: (1) unpredictable fuel prices; (2) diminishing fossil fuel resources; (3) growing concern about environmental degradation and global warming, and (4) eliminating dependence on foreign oil.

The problem with many of the renewable choices is that they are extremely costly (as with Hydro plants and nuclear facilities) are NOT base load technologies (they cannot produce electricity 24 hours a day / every day as is the problem with wind and solar) and cannot substitute for existing fossil based facilities. Geothermal is the choice for the future and many governments have turned their R & D budgets to investing in this “best choice” alternative energy systems.

In the aftermath of the recent disaster in Mari, we are presented with an opportunity to change the future of renewable energy in Cyprus. Now is the time for Cyprus to promote a shift to renewable energy that is crucial not only to mitigate the crippling economic effects of the disaster, but also to guarantee energy supply in the face of political threats, price volatility and other risks and to comply with existing and widening European regulation to limit carbon emissions. Cyprus, as a member of the European Union, needs to generate 20% of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2020.

This is a private initiative and receives no funding from the Cyprus government. However, we welcome everyone and I mean everyone, including the Cyprus government, to participate from the ground up in a groundbreaking project that will help our country to meet and exceed the EU’s target of 20% for renewable energy. We can create a more sustainable, cleaner and safer Cyprus by making wiser energy choices.

We have everything we need to build an initial 110MW power plant which will be the first ever geothermal power plant in Cyprus. Our engineers are ready to start work, two drilling rigs have already been located, and all we are waiting for is the license from the Cyprus government and the necessary approval from the Electricity Authority of Cyprus. We are not asking for any subsidies, tax credits or any other kind of financial assistance. All we are asking for is two legal documents; the license and approval from the Cyprus government to let us help Cyprus build a sizeable geothermal power station.

There are NO environmental impacts as there is NO burning of fuel, NO hydrofracking, NO emissions and NO Carbon footprint. There is absolutely NOTHING negative in the geothermal system to affect the environment.

Regarding safety, there are NO moving parts underground, simply a closed loop piping system. Also, generators use low temperature fluids and not high pressure steam so above ground is safe. There is NO combustion process as there are with coal and other fossil fuels so there is NO safety risk at ALL.

Please sign this petition and help us to expedite things.

We call on the Cyprus government to support our efforts and expedite its procedures to grant us the necessary license and approvals so we can start construction of the first ever geothermal power station on the island

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