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The year 2008 marks forty-eight years since the birth of the Republic of Cyprus. For thirty-four of those years, the island and its people have been divided as a result of Turkey's invasion in 1974. The military aggression against Cyprus continues unabated to this date in the form of military occupation, forcible division, and violation of human rights, massive colonization, cultural destruction, property usurpation and ethnic segregation.

A member state of the United Nations and the European Union today, Cyprus continues to be victim of unabashed international aggression by Turkey, a member of the UN and aspiring member of the EU. This is an insult to international legal order and a constant threat to regional stability.

The horrifying and blood-curdling ramifications of this attack are constantly down-played by the UK and US governments, and ridiculed and mocked by Turkey and Turkish nationals.

A report by the European Commission of Human Rights of the Council of Europe, found Turkey guilty of gross violations of human rights in Cyprus throughout the invasion and subsequent occupation.

1. 37 percent of the Republic of Cyprus currently under occupation.

2. 200,000 Greek Cypriots – approximately on quarter of the total population were forcibly expelled from the occupied northern territories of the island where they constituted approximately 70 percent of the population. They are still prevented the right to return and reclaim their homes and properties. Turkish Cypriots who lived in the free areas were moved by the Turkish Cypriot leadership to the occupied area.

3. 1,474 missing persons, including hundreds of civilians are still missing. Turkey refuses to co-operate in ascertaining their fate, despite photographic evidence showing many missing persons captured by the Turkish military.

4. Approximately 500 Greek and Maronite Cypriots enclaved in their villages in the occupied area are still living under oppressive conditions under deprivation and intimidation.

5. At the end of 1974 20,000 enclaved people remained in the occupied area. Following intimidation and harrassment they were forced to abandon their homes by the illegal regime, becoming refugees.

6. 43,000 Turkish occupation soldiers, equipped with modern weaponry, supported by the Turkish air force and navy are illegally stationed in the occupied area.

7. 162,000 colonists from Turkey have been imported illegally to colonise the occupied area in order to alter the demographic structure of the island.

8. 58,000 Turkish Cypriots have emigrated from the occupied area since the Turkish invasion according to Turkish Cypriots sources because of the social, moral and economic decline prevalent there.

Cypriot Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr Markos Kyprianou had a two day visit to London this week, during which time he engaged in much discussion with David Milliband and Caroline Flint. The outcome of these talks were, as usual, vague and apparently ineffectual.

We, the undersigned, call on the UK government to actively pursue the unification of Cyprus in a way that is mindful of the plight endured by the people of Cyprus during and after the Turkish invasion in 1974.

We urge that talks aimed at seeking a peaceful and unanimous solution are executed with conviction as soon a possible.

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