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1. Remove Oil, Gas, & Coal Industry Amendment to SB 488

The insurance, coal, oil and gas industries obtained an amendment to Senate Bill 488 which stops the Insurance Commissioner from asking insurers about climate risk. We, the undersigned, ask that the Assembly Appropriations Commmittee amend SB 488 to remove Section 7 because it stops the Insurance Commissioner from surveying insurers about how they are addressing climate change and climate related risks.

2. Be The Change That Climate Change Needs

The circumstances are simple really, Climate Change is going to destroy the Earth and many of our beloved plants and animals.

From the rainforest to the coral reefs the world is being brought it to its knees.

Now as non believers like Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt (head of EPA and basically a human mouthpiece for the coal and oil industry) take center stage it is imparative to say something.

3. Solar pa more... Coal no more!

We are petitioning policy makers to adapt updated Implementing Rules and Regulations that would allow a common home or business owner to use solar energy and sell back their excess power under the RA 9513 Renewable Energy Act of 2008.

Current implementation of the law is blocked with utility imposed red tape, redundant DIS studies and unfair buyback rates that are contrary to the law. If a home that has solar panels has excess power, the utility purchases this power at a minimum defensible rate of blended generation charge - NOT full retail rate or 1:1 as stipulated in the RE ACT. There are more than 500 people who invested hundreds of thousands for solar and only getting a partial credit for the excess power they put into the grid when its needed the most.

Currently if a home has grid tie solar, the utility would purchase this power for P3.80 (blended gen charge) and resell it to the next door neighbor for full retail price of P10 a kWh or more. It is excessive profiteering and the utility makes it hard to get a solar approved net meter. Naturally the utilities are delaying the inevitable by using red tape tactics and ERC should be taking a proactive role in preserving justifiable energy rates and policy. We demand an explanation why it takes 6 to 12 months to get a net metered installation and justifiable remuneration of exported power under RA 9513.

4. Replace of Coach Tomlin

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin held a $10,000- $30,000 per ticket for a luncheon fundraiser at his home for Hillary Clinton, who has publicly said she wants to shut down coal mines.

Pittsburgh was always a coal mine/steel mill city. We coal workers can't support a coach who supports someone who wants to take our careers and livelihood away from us.

We will not spend a cent of our "coal" money on the STEELers until Tomlin is replaced.

5. Support Green Energy in New Jersey

New Jersey produces 48% of its electricity from coal, natural gas, and petroleum, but only 1% from renewable sources of energy.

By switching from environmentally harmful sources to more environmentally friendly sources, the state can help reduce dependence on foreign oil, reduce pollution, and stimulate the economy by creating jobs and stimulate outside investment into the state.

6. CSG Coal Seam Gas Moratorium - Senate


This Petition of citizens of Australia draws to the attention of the Senate:

· present and potential negative impacts of the Coal Seam Gas Mining (CSG) industry on water quality, farm lands, the environment, communities, residents’ health, property values and tourism;

· that CSG mining produces green house gas emissions – particularly from large scale methane leakage – such that CSG mining has a global warming impact that is as bad as if not worse than coal, over a twenty year period;

· that CSG mining is proven to lower the fresh water table.

7. Remove Gosford City Council's Membership in ICLEI

Gosford City Council is a member of ICLEI which is a United Nations-sponsored group which designs and writes policy for your area on land use, energy goals and measurement, and water usage.

ICLEI is a paid consultant and/or receives dues from your taxes & Rates and received Tax Exemption status in Australia.

ICLEI was formed after the United States (George Bush, Sr.) and 178 other nations met at the United Nations Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and agreed to use certain principles as their guidelines. Those guidelines include major reductions in energy and water usage, and huge increases in the number of living units in city centers. This is called UN Agenda 21-Sustainable Development.

In 1993 President Clinton formed the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and gave a multi-million dollar grant to the American Planning Association to write Growing Smart: A Legislative Guidebook to bring UN Agenda 21 to the United States. Smart Growth was the result. Multi-story condos or apartments over small retail with little parking, crammed in your town center. The reason for this style of construction is that, as UN Secretary General Maurice Strong said, ‘the affluence of Americans is a threat to the planet.’ Single family homes are a threat.

Across the nation, in large cities and small towns, like this one, identical programs are being rolled out. Land use restrictions, ordinances reducing energy usage, Smart Meters, school programs, & candidate trainings, are designed and implemented without your vote. You may be invited to city visioning meetings, but the outcome is decided before you enter the room.

Using ICLEI greenhouse gas emissions goals, your local government is in the process of controlling where and how you live, what you eat, what your children learn, and what laws you will live under. With the cover of ‘environmental concern’ your personal rights are being restricted. Soon, you will lose the right to travel freely without being asked for your ID. Lose the right to water your garden. Lose the right to refuse a Smart Meter. Lose the right to live in a rural area. Lose the right to drive a private vehicle.

Under the guise of ‘Sustainable Development’ your property and civil rights are being systematically eliminated.


8. No coal mining in Bacchus Marsh/Moorabool!

A WA company, Mantle Mining, is currently undertaking test drilling in Bacchus Marsh as part of a plan to dig a huge, open-cut coal mine, then dry and export the coal to India. They currently have an Exploration License (EL) which includes Bacchus Marsh and 386 km2 of the surrounding area.

In order for the brown coal to be exported, it must first be dewatered, and Mantle are planning to team up with Melbourne-based coal technology company Exergen to carry out this process.

The exploration phase is also being underwritten by WA micro-finance company Cygnet Capital. Bacchus Marsh locals are mobilising against the project, with the Moorabool Environment Group (MEG) leading the local campaign.

More info about the project is available at Coal Watch.

9. Not One More Dollar for Plant Washington

Cobb EMC's Board of Directors voted to cut its ties to the ill-conceived Plant Washington and Plant Ben Hill coal-fired power plants on January 24. The projects were the product of a partnership called Power4Georgians created by indicted former CEO Dwight Brown.

The 200,000 member Cobb EMC was the lead financier of POWER4Georgians, but now EMC members from four smaller Georgia cooperatives- including Washington EMC- are on the hook for the $4 billion dollar coal plant projects.

Proceeding with these dirty coal plans will threaten Georgia communities with toxic pollution like mercury and fine particulate matter. WEMC owner members' run the risk of sharply increased electricity rates; Plant Washington would raise cooperative member rates by 10-20% (an average of $200 a year!) in the first year of operation alone!

Your voice could help our state move beyond toxic coal proposals once and for-all!

Call WEMC leaders TODAY, and tell them to act in the interest of the owner members. NOT ANOTHER DOLLAR on Plant Washington and Power4Georgians.

10. Lock The Gate To Help Our Aussie Farmers

Our Australian Farmers desperately need the support of the Australian people in order to supply food and resources to the nation. They are being tormented by coal seam gas companies to enter their properties to drill wells for mining and have the government's full backing. These farmers have very little rights it seems. They have formed alliances to 'lock their gates' to try and take control of what seems to be a losing battle.

Not only is this disrupting the production of food, it is morally wrong, and causing incredible emotional heartache for so many.

There has been plenty of footage released proving the deadly poisonous gases are out of control. It is seeping into our precious waterways and into the Murray Darling Basin system. ONCE THESE WELLS ARE IN PLACE THESE GASES CANNOT BE CONTAINED.

Members of government have been interviewed and questioned and none can prove this otherwise.

11. Stop Coal Flood Water Pollution Damaging The Great Barrier Reef

Scientific evidence indicates that coral is especially vulnerable to mortality caused by sediment deposits and toxins. Coal is a carbonaceous material known to contain toxic sulphur compounds and heavy metals.

Because of the flooding of coal mines from heavy rains, polluted water is being specifically discharged into coastal waterways of Queensland, in some cases illegally, and will deposit onto the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

12. Kids Against Coal

Almost 3,000 kids under 16 live in the area directly affected by Ayrshire power’s proposed new coal fired power station at Hunterston, North Ayrshire (Fairlie/Largs).

Please read on and protest now by clicking through and adding your name and comments to the petition below. The deadline for objections is Friday, august 20.

Please forward this to all friends and family and anyone else you think should be concerned, asking them to add their names asap.


  • Do you live/work/play in North Ayrshire and enjoy its spectacular coastal scenery? this station is the size of 148 football pitches with a chimney stack of 155 metres and its smoke plume of up to 800 metres

  • did you know your family's health would be at risk from breathing in hazardous chemicals including mercury and ammonia in the micro sized ash particles from the plants waste. (these particles could travel as far as Glasgow area and the emmissions will also contain particulates, ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, dioxins all proven harmful to health)

  • what would you do if the property value of your home was decimated as a result of the station’s effects?

  • More than three quarters of a million TONNES (860,000) of potentially hazardous ash (contains radioactive elements) will result from this station per year. If no buyers for this ash, it will remain 'on site' in Hunterston area. Otherwise the ash will be removed 24 hours by road and train. How busy are our roads already? Can your kids walk to school?

  • The micro sized ash particles from coal power stations are associated with asthma attacks, cardiac and upper and lower respiratory problems. Those most at risk - the elderly, children and those with respiratory disease.

  • The increase in road traffic (ARTICULATED LORRIES) will be at a minimum of 30% increase – i.e. up to 8 lorries per hour!

  • Significant increase in train traffic - 8 fully laden trains per 24 hours, mostly at night

  • the piles of coal needed to feed this plant and stored on site are in constant danger of spontaneous combustion, right next to a nuclear facility.

  • we will be subsidising this plant yet there is no evidence that Scotland needs this fossil fuel based (unsustainable) form of energy

13. Chicago Clean Power Campaign

Chicago wants to be the greenest, healthiest city in America, but two old dirty coal-fired power plants in the city continue to pump soot and global warming gases into our air.

Cutting soot pollution will reduce asthma attacks, chronic bronchitis, heart attacks, lung cancer and strokes caused by particulate matter pollution. The young, the elderly and those living closest to the plants are most at risk. Reducing global warming pollution will significantly cut Chicago's carbon footprint - keeping Chicago in the running for the 'Greenest City in America.'

Help to Secure a CLEAN FUTURE for Chicago!

Mayor Daley and Aldermen: Clean Up the Power Plants Now!

14. Campaign to Save Our Bottoms

AmerenUE has proposed constructing a 400 acre, 100 foot tall coal waste landfill on 1100+ acres recently purchased river bottomland.

This land, in the 100 year floodplain of the Missouri river, will store coal combustion waste from the AmerenUE Labadie power plant as well as its other plants.

Coal waste contains hazardous substances such as arsenic, selenium, lead, cadmium, mercury, and others that are toxic to humans, animals, and plants. It can accumulate in the environment and remains for hundreds of years creating environmental dangers to this and future generations.

The Missouri River provides drinking water to St Charles and St. Louis Counties. Coal ash and landfills do not belong in a floodplain.

15. Help Schools Go Green

To educate students, schools use paper and electricity extensively. Paper is used for worksheets, written exercises, textbooks, novels, and other products that are made from trees, which supply the planet oxygen and help reduce the effects of global warming.

By consuming the carbon emissions that pollute our atmosphere and alarmingly intensify the greenhouse effect, trees help cool the planet, but by cutting down more and more of them, we are escalating the effects of global warming and causing the polar ice caps to melt from the heat of the intensified greenhouse effect.

By using electricity extensively in schools, we are burning coal and releasing more and more carbon emissions into the atmosphere and strengthening the greenhouse effect even more. As this causes the melting of polar ice caps, we can already see what happens when it continues. As ice breaks up and melts in the warmer waters, polar bears and stranded in the water and will eventually drown.

Shorelines are advancing from the excess water from melted glaciers added into the ocean, and beaches are shrinking rapidly. If we don't do anything before its too late, we may make entire coastlines disappear from the swelling sea levels and entire species become extinct from lack of habitats.

16. Support Our Mining Industry



17. Stop Native Eviction In Arizona!

As we speak, there exist a life-threatening state of fear and anxiety in a traditional Native American community in Arizona. Big Mountain on Black Mesa is the only place in the United States where two Indian nations can still define cultural coexistence and shared territories, and now have become endangered aboriginal peoples.

The U.S. courts have ordered eviction on the remaining traditional Dineh People and keep the areas sealed and isolated. Peabody Coal Company has taken the last aquifer of clean drinking water that is sacred to the Dineh' and uses it to slurry coal for American citizens.

This leaves the people without access to or maintenance of water wells and subject to other government actions like: limitation or complete denial of crop cultivation and livestock husbandry, community and religious activities, disregard for elder residents’ safety needs to attain wood fuels for heating and cooking, deliberate breaking up of family and clan structures, controlled national media that portray the Big Mountain story as a result of legitimate and humane court decisions, Peabody mines that create daily detonation that causes micro-quakes, and massive emissions of coal dust and engine exhaust.

The United States is allowing this tragedy and genocide to be sustained under the guise that relocation is on a voluntary basis. These traditional resisters hold great knowledge and wisdom of ancient information and natural existence that are culturally irreplaceable, and it is our responsibility to stop the United States and its largest coal-producer, Peabody Energy, from executing this crime against humanity and mega-environmental destruction. It is 2009, will we let the Trail of Tears happen all over again and stand witness to it?

On December 22, 2008, Office of Surface Mining (OSM) issued a record of decision approving Peabody Western Coal Company’s mine permit revision application for the Black Mesa Complex. Through policies such as PL93-531, the U.S. has already forcibly relocated more than 14,000 Dine’ people from their ancestral homelands.

At this moment, the decision makers in Washington D.C. and Peabody Energy are planning ways to expand their occupation of sacred tribal lands to extract mineral & other resources.

18. Recognition of Australia's Solar Sectors

Australia has the technology to be able to run the whole of Australia of solar power.

The scientists have not had any backing of the Australian government to fund this venture for over 20yrs -
But the solar sectors believed in themselves & clean renewable energy enough to go ahead with their research anyway.

Australia and one of our solar sectors have developed a concentrated solar cell - That takes up less space then the other solar cells. It has been one man's own development , & thinking ahead for Australia, with no support from the Australian government .

Our past prime minister John Howard , Stated in his 2008 re-election speech , He stated
- He would try to reduce the emissions
(didn't mention witch emissions )
That would have no impact of loss of jobs in the coal industry,

That's all they cared about - job loss !
John Howard Actually said it him self.
And with him saying that,
If jobs were offered in the solar sector , Same wage lesser duties - No reteaching ..... I don't think the coal miner would object to the same pay with lesser, liter duties. And are apart of a sustainable future in renewable energy .

Non-Renewable energy - Has got us so far , Pulled us out of the dark ages , But it is like we are still in the dark ages, In thought.

NON - RENEWABLE = coal is like a sponge , that over thousands of years have sucked the carbon from the air . When we burn it to fuel our energy consumption .
We are just releasing and putting the carbon back in the air - Everything has a purpose .
Coal & even tree are carbon sponges - that we keep ringing out , back into the environment.

Climate change is trying to tell us something .

The next power source has already been developed.
It just a matter of us giving the credit where its due.
And let Australia pioneer as the first country to be run entirely off RENEWABLE , SUSTAINABLE Energy.

If the big smart educated people don't act. Then it is up to us - we'll have to take it in to our own hands and make them acknowledge OUR BRILLIANT SOLAR SECTORS - AND AT LEAST GIVE THEM A GO ....

CLEAN COAL = Is a filter, That doesn't eliminate carbon emissions, Only reducing it. And coal still is being mined all the same. Nothing Clean about it.

Let's Pioneer As Australians and revolutionise the future for our children - As the elders its our responsibility to be responsible .

19. Don't Reopen Black Mesa Coal Mine

The Black Mesa mine holds its location in the arid Northeastern Arizona on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations. A contract was signed in the mid 1960’s with the Peabody Coal Company in order to allow use of the aquifer.

The Navajo Aquifer was being used by the mining company since 1964 in order to slurry the coal. The water has been drained by at least 30% which causes a problem for the Navajo Indians who use the water for agricultural use as well as drinking water. The Navajo and Hopi tribes believe that there is a religious significance to the aquifer as well.

The company also, due to its mining pursuits, tried to relocate much of the tribes reservation although 300 families disagreed and stood up for their land. The Black Mesa Mine was shut down in 1996 but continued running until December of 2005.

Now that the Northeastern Arizona area is having problems with their electricity the Peabody Coal Company is fighting to obtain permits to reopen the mine, using the electricity problem as their driving force. The bigger issue is that they will not only be using the Navajo Aquifer and the Coconino Aquifer as well as relocating families disrupting the area of the mines. If this permit is obtained, they will be able to pump water out of the mines until 2026.

20. Demand a Moratorium on Coal

Demand a Moratorium on Coal now!

It’s getting close to make or break time on the climate change front. The need for the world to reduce its green house gas emissions has never been so important. The planet is already in the midst of a climate change crisis, which has seen major disruptions to the world including:

• thousands of people dislocated from low-lying islands

• frightening rates of ice-melt in polar regions, resulting in habitat loss for species such as the polar bear, and contributing to rising sea levels

• increasing frequency and/or severity of extreme weather events such as droughts, bushfires, floods, and cyclones

• major disruptions to ecosystems, resulting in severe impacts on some species, and in at least one case (the Central American Golden Toad), extinction.

This has all resulted from an observed global average temperature increase of about 0.7 degrees Celsius. If the planet continues to warm to 2 degrees, impacts of climate change could include:

• a quarter of a billion people displaced by rising seas and cyclones

• up to 2.8 billion people without enough water

• mass species extinction and loss of ecosystems. For example, 97% of the world's coral reefs would die.

With a global warming of just 2 to 3 degrees, there is also a worryingly high chance that climate change would become self-reinforcing and unstoppable. As forests, soils, and oceans turned from “carbon sinks”, into “carbon sources”, the global temperature would spiral ever higher, leading to sea level rises of 25 metres, chaotic weather on every continent, and the very real possibility of the extinction of most species on earth.

To avoid this situation, there needs to be wholesale reductions in global greenhouse pollution – a 90% cut by 2050. Industrialised nations like Australia need to make the same sort of greenhouse pollution cuts even sooner – 90% or more by 2030. Since coal is the most greenhouse polluting fossil fuel, and a major source of global emissions, that means we need to cut back on coal. And we need to do it fast.

Its time for us to call upon the Australian, State and local governments to put a moratorium on coal and turn seriously towards the renewable energy sector. Prominent NASA Climate scientist recently made a plea to Kevin Rudd for a moratorium on coal. He asked,
“Perhaps the most important question is this: Can we find a country that will place a moratorium on any new coal fired power plants? Unless this happens soon, there is little hoe of avoiding the climate tipping points, with all that implies for life on this planet. It time to let the governments know that nothing is more valuable than life on earth.”

21. Don't build any new coal or nuclear fired power plants in the UK

There are plans to build a new nuclear power plant and a new coal one, both in Kent.

These both pollute the planet, and there is controversy on both sides.

Iceland doesn't use outdated energy sources like this, so why should we?

22. Petition against proposed Wise County, VA coal power plant

Hi everyone. As a Virginia Tech engineer, Virginia native and first-time attendee of an 'environmental' conference of any kind, I was very surprised to learn this weekend that coal power plants are still heavily relied on in the US. Coal is a word that I associate with pre-WWI America.

I learned from the "Power Shift" conference in Washington, DC this weekend of the effects these plants have on the immediate communities and environment, aka Virginia. "Environmental" meaning burnt particulate matter as well as CO2 output. For details on coal and its effects, have a look here : . There is abundant information around the web about coal and new "clean coal".

I'm not the protesting type, but I felt compelled to try and stop the construction of a new "clean coal" plant in southwest VA. Clean coal really just means they are treating the coal before using it to power the plant. It is improved, but still very polluting. More importantly, if you want to see how coal is being mined, search "mountaintop removal." It's exactly what it sounds like. Essentially, the plant will cost 1.6 billion of your Virginian tax dollars, it will take a step back in terms of a modern, forward-thinking Virginia infrastructure, and it will have long term negative effects on the community and state it resides in.

There are numerous clean, 21st century solutions. I know, I'm an engineer and I've been researching them. Chiefly, wind, solar and hydroelectric power are obvious viable options and would create as many jobs as this proposed plant would. Needless to say a clean solution would preserve my fine state and build Virginia's reputation of a clean, modern, forward-thinking state. Coal doesn't belong in that sentence.

As a car enthusiast (the enemy of the environmentalist?), let me put it this way: you can equate BMW/Toyota with clean energy and GM/Ford with coal. BMW started hydrogen research in the 1970's and is now producing the Hydrogen7. It is ready for the hydrogen market once it catches up. Toyota... you all know how clean they are. What do the American companies have to show for? They are outdated, inefficient, underpowered, low-quality and embarassing for our country.

Anyway, I thank you for looking and hope you can help your fellow Virginians by petitioning Dominion and Governor Kaine to halt this project in Wise county. The goal is 100,000 signatures by the time of a hearing on Dec. 1st, and Virginia Tech has pledged 10,000.

Your information will be used only for this petition and will be immediately destroyed after its submission to the Virgina Tech Environmental Coalition for use in the hearing.


23. Stop Montana Coal Power Development

The state of Montana has a history of producing a surplus of energy. This has traditionally been produced using fossil fuels to the detriment of our local, as well as the global environment.

Current knowledge of climate change should lead us to develop responsible and sustainable energy technologies. This can be both environmentally and economically beneficial to the state through the sale of surplus energy to other states as well as the creation of new industries and jobs.

Currently Gov. Schweitzer is planning the development of IGCC coal plants, oil-sand mining operations and refineries. This course of development is both dangerous and wrong for the state of Montana.

In response to this plan the Montana Environmental Information Center is filing a lawsuit to challenge Gov. Schweitzer's plan. This is an important case and to show our support concerned citizens are putting forth this petition.