Peabody Coal Company
United States of America

The Black Mesa mine holds its location in the arid Northeastern Arizona on the Navajo and Hopi Indian Reservations. A contract was signed in the mid 1960’s with the Peabody Coal Company in order to allow use of the aquifer.

The Navajo Aquifer was being used by the mining company since 1964 in order to slurry the coal. The water has been drained by at least 30% which causes a problem for the Navajo Indians who use the water for agricultural use as well as drinking water. The Navajo and Hopi tribes believe that there is a religious significance to the aquifer as well.

The company also, due to its mining pursuits, tried to relocate much of the tribes reservation although 300 families disagreed and stood up for their land. The Black Mesa Mine was shut down in 1996 but continued running until December of 2005.

Now that the Northeastern Arizona area is having problems with their electricity the Peabody Coal Company is fighting to obtain permits to reopen the mine, using the electricity problem as their driving force. The bigger issue is that they will not only be using the Navajo Aquifer and the Coconino Aquifer as well as relocating families disrupting the area of the mines. If this permit is obtained, they will be able to pump water out of the mines until 2026.

We, the undersigned, believe that the Peabody Coal Company should not be allowed to obtain a permit to reopen the Black Mesa Mine in Northeastern Arizona.

The Hopi and Navajo tribes have had injustice brought upon them for years by the Peabody Coal Company and we should not allow it to happen again.

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