Parliament House - Canberra - NSW

Australia has the technology to be able to run the whole of Australia of solar power.

The scientists have not had any backing of the Australian government to fund this venture for over 20yrs -
But the solar sectors believed in themselves & clean renewable energy enough to go ahead with their research anyway.

Australia and one of our solar sectors have developed a concentrated solar cell - That takes up less space then the other solar cells. It has been one man's own development , & thinking ahead for Australia, with no support from the Australian government .

Our past prime minister John Howard , Stated in his 2008 re-election speech , He stated
- He would try to reduce the emissions
(didn't mention witch emissions )
That would have no impact of loss of jobs in the coal industry,

That's all they cared about - job loss !
John Howard Actually said it him self.
And with him saying that,
If jobs were offered in the solar sector , Same wage lesser duties - No reteaching ..... I don't think the coal miner would object to the same pay with lesser, liter duties. And are apart of a sustainable future in renewable energy .

Non-Renewable energy - Has got us so far , Pulled us out of the dark ages , But it is like we are still in the dark ages, In thought.

NON - RENEWABLE = coal is like a sponge , that over thousands of years have sucked the carbon from the air . When we burn it to fuel our energy consumption .
We are just releasing and putting the carbon back in the air - Everything has a purpose .
Coal & even tree are carbon sponges - that we keep ringing out , back into the environment.

Climate change is trying to tell us something .

The next power source has already been developed.
It just a matter of us giving the credit where its due.
And let Australia pioneer as the first country to be run entirely off RENEWABLE , SUSTAINABLE Energy.

If the big smart educated people don't act. Then it is up to us - we'll have to take it in to our own hands and make them acknowledge OUR BRILLIANT SOLAR SECTORS - AND AT LEAST GIVE THEM A GO ....

CLEAN COAL = Is a filter, That doesn't eliminate carbon emissions, Only reducing it. And coal still is being mined all the same. Nothing Clean about it.

Let's Pioneer As Australians and revolutionise the future for our children - As the elders its our responsibility to be responsible .

Sign this petition - So we can submit it to the senate & have it passed as law for the future of the new energy, solar.

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