The Department of Education & the Department of Energy
United States of America

To educate students, schools use paper and electricity extensively. Paper is used for worksheets, written exercises, textbooks, novels, and other products that are made from trees, which supply the planet oxygen and help reduce the effects of global warming.

By consuming the carbon emissions that pollute our atmosphere and alarmingly intensify the greenhouse effect, trees help cool the planet, but by cutting down more and more of them, we are escalating the effects of global warming and causing the polar ice caps to melt from the heat of the intensified greenhouse effect.

By using electricity extensively in schools, we are burning coal and releasing more and more carbon emissions into the atmosphere and strengthening the greenhouse effect even more. As this causes the melting of polar ice caps, we can already see what happens when it continues. As ice breaks up and melts in the warmer waters, polar bears and stranded in the water and will eventually drown.

Shorelines are advancing from the excess water from melted glaciers added into the ocean, and beaches are shrinking rapidly. If we don't do anything before its too late, we may make entire coastlines disappear from the swelling sea levels and entire species become extinct from lack of habitats.

In order to help save countless lives, both human and nonhuman, we, the undersigned, ask the departments of Energy and Education to agree on making schools and textbook publishing companies nationwide abandon their process of sawing trees down for school supplies and burning nonrenewable resources such as coal for electricity and as a substitute, use recycled paper and solar, hydro, geothermal, or wind power instead for educational purposes.

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