Governor Brian Schweitzer and the State Congress of Montana
United States of America

The state of Montana has a history of producing a surplus of energy. This has traditionally been produced using fossil fuels to the detriment of our local, as well as the global environment.

Current knowledge of climate change should lead us to develop responsible and sustainable energy technologies. This can be both environmentally and economically beneficial to the state through the sale of surplus energy to other states as well as the creation of new industries and jobs.

Currently Gov. Schweitzer is planning the development of IGCC coal plants, oil-sand mining operations and refineries. This course of development is both dangerous and wrong for the state of Montana.

In response to this plan the Montana Environmental Information Center is filing a lawsuit to challenge Gov. Schweitzer's plan. This is an important case and to show our support concerned citizens are putting forth this petition.

We, the undersigned, call on Gov. Brian Schwietzer and the State of Montana to focus future development of energy production on sustainable energy solutions.

Furthermore we call on the State Congress of Montana to draft a resolution that no more fossil fuel powered energy production plants will be built in Montana.

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