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In less than four months, the CMS is scheduled to implement a new way that Medicare reimburses community cancer clinics, where over 80% of Americans fighting cancer are treated, for the life-saving drugs they administer.

These changes are a step in the right direction to correcting the Medicare overpayment for certain drugs and to lowering seniors' financial burden on their 20% Medicare co-payment. Our concern is that the new system is untested in actual practice and has not been sufficiently analyzed, especially in terms of the impact on cancer patients' access to quality care.

We ask that CMS hold off from making these proposed changes and run the current and new reimbursement systems in parallel, using the current reimbursement system as a floor. This will allow for MedPAC and other mandated studies to produce important data on these reimbursement changes and their impact on the cancer care delivery system in this country.

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