NASCAR CEO Brian France
United States of America

Many long time fans of the sport of NASCAR have become concerned about the direction the sport is taking.

Recent changes to the schedule, particularly the death of the Southern 500 and the departure of Rockingham from the Nextel Cup schedule, threaten the history of the sport and the quality of racing.

New rule changes are also at issue. The points system created for the 2004 Nextel Cup schedule has put the legitimacy of the champion in question. Also, the new qualifying procedure seems designed to protect the popular drivers from outside competition.

In short, NASCAR is beginning to resemble a scripted entertainment program rather than an actual sport. The final outrage is that Brain France has instituted these changes despite the disapproval of a large majority of the fans.

We request that Brain France step down from his position as CEO of NASCAR. It is our hope that he will be replaced by a new chief executive officer who listens to the fans and will return the sport to its former glory.

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