As of Friday afternoon EST there was a metheod released to the general public, on duping items based on closed realm characters. Since this point and time the diablo economy has been crippled and honest player moral has been crushed. Many members have given up diablo all together. And many more refuse to purchase anymore games from Blizzard, as they have so far shown no real acknoledgement of it exsistance, nor have they shown a willingness or a plan of action, which we as dedicated players demand on there part. We want them to act responsibly and fix this problem and to return the game back to a playable state.

We the player of diablo II on closed realms thruout the world do hereby request that the realms perform a complete mandatory rollback to Friday 18 Jan 2002 which is prior to the dupe having done its damage to the diablo II economy and restoring the faith of the honest players thru out the realms who have otherwise had the wool pulled over there eyes and a game the love dearly destroyed. This would also affirm Blizzards and Battle.net's commitment to hack free gaming whereby you status in the game is earned and not purchased. This will also do much to reaffirm our faith in blizzard as a company capable of producing not only excellent game but being able to react responsibly to a situation. There decision will undoubtedly have an effect on the future sales of upcoming releases such as Warcraft3 and World of Warcraft.

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