This petition is based on the ideas from the countless fans of the megaman series.

Capcom sales records for Megaman series as of August 29, 2006: Mega Man Series 110 titles, 26,000,000 Unit Sales

target system sales records:
Japan Sales Charts: August 7 to 13/06
01 - Nintendo DS Lite - 196,719 (3,730,118 total)
08 - Nintendo DS - 934 (6,576,038 total)
DS Total unit sales- 10,306,156

Back in 1992 Nintendo Power magazine had a contest for the readers to create there Robot Master for Megaman 6.
"Knight Man and Wind Man were the winning results of Nintendo Power's "Design Your Own Robot Master" contest, meaning these are the only two classic-series robot masters not to be designed by the Japanese. Knight Man was designed by Daniel Vallie of Canada, and Wind Man was designed by Michael Leader of the United States." (quote from wikipedia)
pointing out that way back in the days of the original Megaman the fans were designing there own characters.

This petition is for the creation of a version of MMBN (Megaman Battle Network) where you can create a custom Navi preferably on the DS or some othere system like Wii, PC etc. run.

For an idea of how this game would work look here: ( http://www.capcom.com/BBS/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10828&perpage=15&pagenumber=1 ) on the Capcom BBS

If you would like to add some ideas to how the game should work then by all means sign up there and do so. Also do not forget to vote here: ( http://www.capcom.com/BBS/showthread.php?s=&threadid=11348 ) a sort of pre-market research for them.

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